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McDonald Dismantling Lockwood’s “Good Old Boys” Network

Please join me in voting for Dan McDonald on November 6th.

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McDonald Dismantling Lockwood’s “Good Old Boys” Network

During the Tuesday night forum, Steve Lockwood boasted about the endorsements he has from several prior commissioners. Except…

…these are the same prior commissioners who grew government and left a large fiscal hole that the current board was forced to address when they came into office.

So if you want to return to the days when “the good old boys” spent beyond our means, and want a commissioner who’s an activist for leftist causes like combating climate change, unlimited abortion, and resettling un-vetted refugees into our county to prove we’re not “racist”—none of which are the role of a county commissioner—your guy is Steve Lockwood.

But if fiscal conservatism, accessibility and transparency, a small government footprint, protecting the property rights of all Bonner County residents, and dismantling the favoritism of the Good Old Boys network is what’s most important to you, then we already have that man: Dan McDonald.

Please join me, along with voters of all political stripes, in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6th.

Gloria Diehl


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