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Dan McDonald is Very Knowledgeable with Facts

Please vote to re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6th.

Dan McDonald is Very Knowledgeable with Facts

Dan McDonald is Very Knowledgeable with Facts

So after attending the forum and listening to the radio show the next day I have come to the conclusion that Dan McDonald is very knowledgeable with facts on many subjects and what can and cannot legally be done.

He has done a great job the last two years along with the other two commissioners on running the county and lowering the budget.

Mr Lockwood on the other hand has said a lot of what people want to hear to make them feel better but really does not have a grasp on what can and cannot be done and has no real plan on how to accomplish things he says need to be done in the commissioners office.

I encourage residents of this county to make an informed decision and join me in voting for Mr McDonald as he has a great proven track record.

A concerned citizen
Dave Diehl


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