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Commissioner McDonald is True Fiscal Conservative

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald

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Commissioner McDonald is True Fiscal Conservative

One issue voters will face next month is whether or not to allow what amounts to ObamaCare here in Idaho: Prop 2.

The candidates running for Bonner County Commissioner could not be further apart on this issue.

Mr. Lockwood supports Prop 2, aka Medicaid expansion. What does this mean to the county? In a nutshell: a fiscal nightmare. The Medicaid expansion would result in a $2-5 million increased bill to the county, which in turn would result in significant cuts to crucial services and personnel, and/or hefty tax increases to you and me, a fiscal catastrophe for Bonner County.

On the other hand, Dan McDonald is opposed to Medicaid expansion for the budget reasons noted. Further, McDonald supports alternatives to Medicaid expansion including:

  • Bringing back major medical plans that were eliminated under ObamaCare
  • Through the State Insurance Commissioner, requiring all insurance companies doing business in Idaho to accept the uninsured into their risk pools
  • Investing in the Catastrophic Health Care fund for low-cost or cash-only

Combined, the three would replace Medicaid expansion, a well-know market multiplier, like ObamaCare, that would increase the cost of insurance and healthcare for all Idahoans.

Mr. Lockwood touts himself as a “fiscal conservative.” He is anything but. The true fiscal conservative in this race is Dan McDonald. And he’s proven as much in his first term in office.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6th.

Jodi Giddings


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