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McDonald Proven He’s Up to Challenges

Please vote to re-elect Dan on November 6th.

dedicated Bonner County, Idaho McDonald benefit

McDonald Proven He’s Up to Challenges
Deserves Re-Election

A county commissioner must be up to taking formidable challenges head on, and not be timid, or wishy-washy, in addressing them. Commissioners work with a multi-million dollar budget to balance many competing interests. This board has succeeded. They make policy for the county, define high-level and long-range outcomes for county government, and choose a direction and identify the ways and means to get there. Again, they’ve succeeded.

Setting environmental and land-use policy is challenging, and it’s difficult to find community consensus on every issue, yet they work toward this goal every day, balancing the needs of Bonner County residents with maintaining our rural culture. Who is hired, and supervising how management staff performs, is the responsibility of the commissioners, and they’ve done a great job in uplifting morale and retaining the county’s best and brightest.

With all of this in mind, I am endorsing the only candidate with the skills and experience to carry out these tasks, and who’s proven himself up to the challenge time and again, keeping all the promises he made in less than two years: Commissioner Dan McDonald.

Please vote to re-elect Dan on November 6th.

Jason Giddings


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