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Dan McDonald: Dedicated to Bonner County Residents

Please join me in voting for Dan McDonald on November 6th.

dedicated Bonner County, Idaho McDonald benefit

Dan McDonald: Dedicated to Bonner County Residents


On Steve Lockwood’s campaign FaceBook page you’ll find the excuse for why he quit both of his prior elected positions: he chose to “move on to new opportunities at the request of others,” rather than stick with the jobs to which he was elected. Does that mean he’d leave Bonner County voters high and dry when he inevitably gets bored with the job of commissioner? I think the answer is obvious, because when a candidate tells us that he’s looking for better opportunities, we should believe him.

On the other, Dan McDonald has proven to Bonner County residents that he’s dedicated to the job, and keeps the promises he makes on the campaign trail. He works hard every day on behalf of us all, and puts the residents of the county front and center in every decision he makes.

Steve Lockwood isn’t a leader; he’s a pawn who’ll abandon us “at the request of others.” So if you want a commissioner who’s looking for “new opportunities” while he’s supposed to be working for us, look no further than Steve Lockwood. But if you want a commissioner who’s dedicated to the job, understands the roll of a county commissioner, and works tirelessly every day for every Bonner County resident, then your choice is clear: vote to re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6th.

Debby Trinen


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