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Dan McDonald Puts County Residents First

We need to re-elect Dan McDonald for County Commissioner.

voting Reelect Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald Puts County Residents First

If you want a county commissioner who is for limited government, better roads, supports the rule of law, is 100% pro-life and pro-faith, and will help you put your family first, then I ask you to vote for Dan McDonald.

Dan is passionate about the people of Bonner County and is motivated by true fiscal conservative values. From cutting the county budget by millions, to hiring a procurement person to save money, Dan has shown himself to be a fiscally-responsible commissioner who is frugal with our tax dollars.

And last, but not least: Dan is a dynamo with a firm grasp of policy, and a presence that will challenge the status quo. He is a leader in every aspect of the word and will continue to bring fresh energy and perspective as our County Commissioner.

So if you want a strong leader who is passionate about working on behalf of all of our families, and is always looking out for you, look no further than Dan McDonald.

Please join with me in getting the word out: we need to re-elect Dan McDonald for County Commissioner.

Teri Yarger
Hope, ID

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