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Libertarian Candidate Elinor Swanson from Billings Montana

Get informed and vote for Liberty and Freedom on November 6th 2018.

Elinor Swanson
Libertarian Candidate Elinor Swanson

Libertarian Candidate Elinor Swanson
from Billings Montana

by Tim Ravndal, Montana Reporter for Redoubt News

Election Day is just around the corner and the people will go to the polls to make choices for our future. Candidates are sprinting to the finish line in a last noble effort to garner a majority of the votes. In addition, the people will be faced with initiatives and referendums that will make or break the control of government over the people. Local candidates work hard to get their message to the people but often get lost in the frenzy and are overshadowed by statewide and national races.

In Montana we have heard more about the Congressional and Senatorial races with millions of dollars being spent to convince the voters that one candidate is better qualified than the other. What we don’t hear much about is the third-party candidates that are on the ballot. Not long ago, the Democratic and Republican parties in Montana joined together to file legal action against the Green Party, preventing them from being on the ballot.

Many questions are now before the people; Is there a candidate that truly stands on the Constitution and is prepared to defend liberty and freedom? Will that candidate compromise the rights of the people in the name of political posturing? Will party politics dictate the future and the integrity of the election process? Will the open seat bring representation for the people or is it being bought by special interest groups? Is the initiative before the people constitutional? Is the referendum bypassing the legislature? The list of questions goes on and the final answers may be hidden in the depths of political manipulation.

Montana is served by a lone seat in the United States House of Representatives. The seat is currently held by Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte. His Democratic opponent is Kathleen Williams. The two top party candidates are openly seeking endorsements from the top party officials across the country and are engaged in battle. What we don’t hear about is the Libertarian Candidate Elinor Swanson from Billings Montana who is also in the race. The control of the duopoly of politics has systematically rendered all third-party candidates virtually moot.

Here at Redoubt News we have kept the door open to candidates to be heard. We try hard to help the people get the full story. Today we interviewed Elinor Swanson to make sure that the voters of Montana could hear some of her positions on the future in her own voice.

As we are not endorsing or opposing any candidates we wish to ensure the voters of Montana are informed. We do however acknowledge that we are not associated with the liberal media and we continue to push for standing across the west. With Freedom and Liberty on the line at all levels of government it is up to the people to make the choices for the future based on fact.

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Get informed and vote for Liberty and Freedom on November 6th 2018.

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