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Five Reasons I’m Voting For Dan McDonald

While others claim to be “fiscally conservative,” Dan McDonald has walked that talk

voting Reelect Dan McDonald

5 Reasons I’m Voting For Dan McDonald

Budget Cuts: In his first term, Dan helped chop 12 million dollars from the budget, something that’s never happened in Bonner County’s history. It’s always welcome when waste is eliminated, and Dan has done just that.

Retaining Services: The biggest concern when cutting a budget so drastically is a loss of county services. None were lost. And the commissioners have worked to retain their hard-working employees by paying them what they’re worth as they continue to provide residents necessary services.

Fiscal Responsibility: While others claim to be “fiscally conservative,” Dan McDonald has walked that talk. For example: one of the first efficiencies made was hiring a procurement person to centralize purchasing, saving the taxpayers money.

Transparency: While Dan’s opponent claims he’s “transparent,” while continuing to dodge constituents’ questions on social media, Dad is readily-available 24 hours a day, and routinely chats with and assists county residents at all hours.

Integrity: Dan takes pride in his honesty, forthrightness, and willingness to explain the decisions he makes to his constituents. He is thoughtful in his decision-making processes, and weights every angle before coming to conclusions that best benefit constituents.

For these reasons and more, I am voting to re-elect Dan McDonald for County Commissioner. Please consider giving him your vote.

Jodi McPhee/Sagle

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