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Elect Steven Bradshaw as Bonner County Commissioner

Vote Steven Bradshaw County Commissioner

Elect Steven Bradshaw

Elect Steven Bradshaw as Bonner County Commissioner

On November 6 we have the opportunity to elect Steven Bradshaw as Bonner County Commissioner for District 1.

Steve is a 30-year resident of the county, a longtime businessman with a track record of getting things done. As pastor of the Cocolalla Cowboy Church, Steve has made a difference in many people’s lives. I know Steve personally and hold him in the highest esteem. He is a person of character whose word you can depend on and whose judgment is sound. He weighs the issues, thinks before he speaks, and you always get a straight story from him.

Because I’ve been a regular attendee of County Commissioners’ meetings for several years, I’ve seen my share of commissioners come and go. One thing they had in common was that they all ran as conservative Republicans. After election, that often turned out to be untrue. In fact, some came to be known as darlings of the Democrats, especially those of the environmental stripe.

Others had problems with truth and transparency, and while it was entertaining to listen to their excuses, the blatant disrespect for constituents was disturbing. More than one was known for verbal attacks on citizens who disagreed with him; while yet another could be found at his desk comfortably napping.

So we’re overdue for having someone of integrity come to the position and demonstrate what a responsible representative of the people in our county looks like. Steve Bradshaw is that person. Vote for him on November 6.

Doug Paterson
Priest River


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