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District 1 has Voted Overwhelmingly for Heather Scott

I would urge voters to re-elect Heather Scott.

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District 1 has Voted Overwhelmingly for Heather Scott

There are many reasons why Legislative District 1 has voted overwhelmingly for Heather Scott to be its representative in Boise. Foremost among them is that she is vigilant about the Constitution, looking out for Idaho and its conservative values.

Her Democrat and even Republican opponents in years past tended to pay scant attention to those if they stood in the way of their particular agenda.

This time around her Democrat opponent has a particular problem with the Second Amendment. Her facebook page used to be full of anti-gun postings – until she announced her candidacy. Now she merely says she can accept guns for hunting and protection but wants to have “sensible legislation” and “better regulation over selling and tracking and using weapons”. North Idaho understands these code words for what are: ways to get to gun control.

Her opponent, wants to see Medicaid expansion, on the ballot as Proposition 2, which is essentially a welfare program for able-bodied adults. North Idaho understands Medicaid expansion for what it is: an Obamacare relic that grows government and will put us on the road to universal healthcare. We do not need to follow in California footsteps.

Just on those two issues, there couldn’t be a more important reason to vote for Heather Scott. We know Heather to be an unequivocal supporter of the Second Amendment. She championed permitless carry and puts the spotlight on unconstitutional restrictions.

She is clear-eyed about the financial boondoggle that Medicaid expansion will be for our state and will not be swayed by progressives’ flawed arguments.

Susan Brown
Priest River


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