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Democrats Think McDonald is Mean

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald

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Democrats Think McDonald is Mean

Amid all the hyperbole, projection, and mud-slinging coming from the opposing campaign, one thing is clear: they have no answers, and their campaign strategy is simply “Dan is Mean.”

Nothing could be from the truth.

In his first term, Dan McDonald has kept every campaign promise he made during his initial run. From whipping the budget back into line with available revenue, to centralizing purchasing that saves taxpayer money, to fighting for the rights of property owners, Dan has done what few elected officials rarely do: kept his word.

While the opposing campaign touts their transparency and availability, they continuously hide any comments on their campaign FaceBook page that ask questions or point out their factual errors, which are numerous.

Contrarily, Dan McDonald makes himself available to constituents at all hours of the day, even handing out his personal cell phone number. He’s a man of integrity; he’s honest; and he doesn’t hide from his constituents and their sometimes-difficult questions.

For all the reasons listed and more, I’m casting my vote to re-elect Dan McDonald.

I hope you will, too


Teri Yarger
Hope, ID


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1 Comment on Democrats Think McDonald is Mean

  1. It is curious that democrats would consider Dan McDonald to be mean when the the people who work with him in county offices are often seen at his campaign events.

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