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Dan McDonald Supports Local Businesses

Please vote to re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6th.

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Dan McDonald Supports Local Businesses; Why Doesn’t His Opponent?

One of the central tenets of Steve Lockwood’s campaign is that he wants to “bring better-paying jobs to Bonner County.” If he’s serious about that pledge, then why does Mr. Lockwood outsource the buying and printing of his campaign signs outside of Bonner County? It’s a question every voter should be asking him. And the proof is in his campaign expenditure filings, where his total contributions amount to approximately three times the average for a local commissioner’s race.

On the other hand, Commissioner McDonald has spent every one of his campaign dollars within Bonner County, supporting local businesses. Contrary to Mr. Lockwood, his signs are purchased and printed IN Bonner County, as is all of his campaign literature. He walks the talk that his opponent does not.

If you want a county commissioner who says one thing but does another, and has a curiously high amount of campaign expenditures and staff he pays to represent him, look no further than Steve Lockwood. But if you want a county commissioner who keeps his promises, supports local businesses, is frugal with our money, and has an enthusiastic group of local volunteers that love Bonner County, your choice is clear: re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6 th .

Anita Aurit


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