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Dan McDonald Is The Only Choice For County Commissioner

Please vote to re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6th.

Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald Is The Only Choice
For County Commissioner

I’m a busy adult. I vote on facts, not emotions or nice candidates. I’ll take raw-honest answers over well crafted fiction any day. I don’t want fluff from my candidates, even if we disagree.

I want a candidate that stays in their lane, not an activist for causes that have nothing to do with the job he’s campaigning for. I want misunderstandings to be cleared up, not perpetuated through deceptive responses. I want transparency, not a campaign that blocks citizens from communicating openly on social media.

I want a candidate that provides clear solutions rather than leading questions. A solid track record of conservative fiscal responsibility gets my vote, not someone who campaigns on disparaging the people he will be working with if elected.

I want somebody with a track record of staying in office until the end of his term rather than a quitter. I want a contender that advances the freedoms and rights afforded to us by God, as described in the Constitution and amendments.

Give me a candidate who loves life at any age and doesn’t promote the murder of the innocent. I vote for candidates who don’t avoid hard hitting questions.

I’ll take someone who is motivated by a love for Bonner County’s conservative history and tradition over a community organizer who has stated that he doesn’t like our values.

If you are like me, you’ll want to re-elect a leader. Vote for Dan McDonald for Bonner County Commissioner.

Thomas Leo


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