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Dan McDonald is Best Choice for County Commissioner

Please vote to re-elect Dan McDonald!

dan mcdonald

Dan McDonald is Best Choice for County Commissioner

Do we want a commissioner who makes reckless decisions without knowing all the facts? Or do we want to retain a man who’s kept his campaign promises, is responsible with our revenue, and who saved taxpayers more than 12 million dollars in his first term, all while retaining services and our valued county employees?

Do we want a man who refuses to answer constituents’ questions on social media? Or do we want to keep a man who makes himself available to constituents 24 hours a day, even giving out his personal cell phone number for emergencies?

And do we want a man who fear-mongers about issues he has zero control over?

It comes down to this: if you’re willing to expose the taxpayers to financial liability by taking a position on an issue—an issue that resides in another state and on which you have no influence—leaving us vulnerable to a massive lawsuit, before all of the facts are made available, what other reckless decisions would you make as commissioner?

Dan McDonald weighs every possible fact at his disposal before making decisions that directly impact Bonner County residents, and tries always to make the choice that will best benefit, and best protect, county residents. He promises to continue doing so in his second term.

For all the reasons outlined and more, Dan McDonald has my vote. Please consider giving him yours on November 6th.

Sandra Rutherford


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