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Dan McDonald and Bonner County

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald for County Commissioner.

vote Dan McDonald not quitter

Dan McDonald and Bonner County

Having lived many years in Bonner County, I have seen a number of approaches to county government in that time.

I am writing today in support of Dan McDonald who is currently the District 3 Commissioner now running for re-election. I have seen how he interacts with fellow county residents, how he approaches problems, and how well he represents his constituents. He believes in fiscal conservatism, a small government footprint and in protecting the property rights of all Bonner County residents. I know him to be fair-minded and thoughtful, weighing options with whatever data is available – and not afraid to make the best decision he can for all of Bonner County.

I believe as a people, we should respect any individual running for office so I am not looking to trash anyone else nor to question anyone’s motives. But I think Dan McDonald has demonstrated his approach, credentials and commitment already and would be an excellent person to re-elect for Bonner County.

Gregory Miller
Sagle, ID


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