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A Conference That Will Never End!

Topics included personal property rights, government controlled water rights, States’ rights, voter fraud, federal over-reach and more!

A Conference That Will Never End!

A Conference That Will Never End!

Constitutional Governance and Personal Freedom Triumph
at Whitefish Montana Conference!

This West Is Our West” Organization Stands Victorious!

by Elias Alias

A wide range of topics were addressed at the “New Code Of The West” conference in Whitefish, Montana, on Saturday October 13 2018. Those topics included personal property rights, government controlled water rights, States’ rights, voter fraud, federal over-reach within the States, wildfire damage reports, the upcoming Finicum wrongful death lawsuit, and three types of jurisdiction plus more topics which were discussed by qualified experts.

Various media journalists covered the conference and got an earful. Speakers included Mark Herr of Center For Self-Governance, Washington State Representative Matt Shea, The New American Magazine’s Alex Newman, book author Elaine Willman, rancher Jeanette Finicum, author and museum owner Christopher Kortlander, Mark Sutherland of Creative Hub Productions,  attorney Norman Semanko, Montana Representative Kerry White, Ammon Bundy, and the gentleman who knows and connects them all, Dan Happel of Connecting The Dots With Dan Happel radio show.

The conference opened with a screening of the first part of a documentary series  on the Bundy Ranch, the Burns, Oregon protests culminating in the LaVoy Finicum assassination, and will move through the trial of FBI agent Astarita who was indicted and tried in Federal court for lying about some of the shots fired at LaVoy. Another segment of the series will focus on Jeanette Finicum’s wrongful-death lawsuit. Part One of this series was impressive and stirring for conference attendees. It featured much footage of Jeanette Finicum herself and gave a more personalized look into the lives of the Finicum family.


The film was powerfully put together by Mark Herr and his crew at the Center For Self Governance. Go ahead and click that link and look into Mark’s operation. And be sure to support his work in composing/creating what will likely be the finest documentary about rural America’s struggle to put the Federal government back into the tight little corral of limited and enumerated powers which the Founders authorized for it when drafting the Constitution.

Elaine Willman is dedicated to a life-goal of exposing corruption and deception in the tandem formed by a relationship between Federal government and Tribal governments. Being a caring person, she exposes problems which allow for the abuse of Federal policies which empower Tribal governments to mismanage huge profits from the Indian casino/gaming industry in ways which prevent intended relief money from reaching the poor Indians who are enrolled members on Reservations. Elaine Willman has two powerful books available on Amazon: Going To Pieces: The Dismantling Of The United States of America and Slumbering Thunder: A Primer for Confronting the Spread of Federal Indian Policy and Tribalism Overwhelming America

Elaine’s message includes a more inclusive view of the “Hyphenated-American” sterotypes placed on various minority segments of the American population.  She understands how the Native Americans can and should retain all of their cultural heritage and yet enjoy the benefits of being “Just Americans” with equal protection of all inherent rights to which every other American citizen is entitled. The path to that end, (personally speaking here, without intending to speak for Elaine), includes cleaning up the corruption which is rampant between lobbyists and politicians in State governments and the Federal government. She feels that the huge profits from the Indian gaming operations should go to the Indian families and communities on the Reservations for general improvements, not to politicians and lobbyists, which is presently the case. That becomes crystal clear once anyone reads her books.

Ammon Bundy

Smoothly confident in his vision, Ammon Bundy delivered a masterful portrait, a collage of concepts which reflected an intense embrace in his heart and mind of the U.S. Constitution, as written. It was most impressive to see the calmness which marks Ammon’s personality. Considering the tortuous torment he endured for almost two years in prison, his countenance is a testament to Love’s Thought System and the supremacy of Forgiveness.

Because this giant of a man is so poised in his presentation, he delivers his logical alignment of lawful concepts which are interwoven into the Constitution for the united States of America as well as into the respective Constitutions of the several States. And because there is no bitterness in the man, his words carry as if blown on spiritual winds through the hearts and minds of whoever is fortunate enough to hear him speak. There was much to take in as Ammon Bundy spoke. The three most striking presentations he offered treated of National sovereignty and the jurisdiction which comes with that; with State sovereignty and the jurisdiction which such houses; and Individual sovereignty. That individual sovereignty carries within itself its own form of jurisdiction. I can sit here and type in the words I’m using to try and convey the excitement carried in the meaning Ammon was teaching so eloquently, but my words will not carry the magical brilliance of Ammon Bundy’s vision.

But I have said at top of this article that the “New Code Of The West” conference is a conference which will never end. I have good news about that. The good news comes from one of the inside operatives who made this conference so great. That would be Jim White of Northwest Liberty News. I am excited to announce that Jim White filmed the entire conference with two video cameras whirring. Jim White is a professional videographer and a dedicated patriot for God, family, and country. Jim has posted timely interviews with key figures all over the Western States, and has also worked as a radio show host interviewing folks who are at the forefront in the fight for liberty.

Jim White will work with Lauralee O’Neil to perfectly edit the footage for the most dynamic coverage of the conference. The final selection of the best of all the footage Jim shot at the conference will be compiled into an official DVD which will be made available to everyone.  That is bound to be an extension in time, proving my statement true, that this conference will never end. Be sure to get your copy and enjoy the brilliance of hard-hitting fact-shooting fearless champions of Liberty. I don’t know the expected date for the release of the DVD to the public, so be sure to sign up for This West Is Our West emails and check in at their site often.

Lauralee O’Neil conceived this conference and felt called to produce it. She picked one of the finest venues in Whitefish, Montana, (The Grouse Mountain Lodge), giving conference goers a feeling of security and frontier-styled elegance. Comfort was the order of the day, with a breakfast and lunch and snacks throughout. The conference room had good acoustics and a pleasant ambience of classy comfort overall. Lauralee put together a major conference with a wide variety of topics and speakers. All things considered, this was the conference of the season and the message which congealed from the whole experience left everyone with a spirit of hope — a hope that at long last we the people are coming together, fusing our understanding and interests into a greater overall vision of empowerment. I can’t say enough good things about the conference, but will close by saying this — When the DVDs come out, be sure to collect your copy and also consider getting extra copies to spread around to friends and families. That way, this conference will be the “Conference Which Never Ends”.


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  1. Ammon said this conference is expanding all over the West? How can I get this organized in Colorado, specifically the Roaring Fork Valley (Aspen/Basalt/Carbondale/Glenwood Springs)? My family will help pay for it.

  2. This is off topic, but I must point up a very dangerous pronouncement by Trump…He has stated his determination to abolish the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment, the clause that gives US Citizenship to anyone born in the US….While most of us are aware of how this clause has been abused – the anchor babies and chain migration – it is, after all, a Constitutional Amendment, and Trump’s messing with it by executive order would set a very bad precedent…I agree 100# that this clause should be at least modified and tightened , but NOT by an extension of executive power..If a President can succeed in modifying or abolishing this 14th Amendment, why not the same executive fiat for others ? The second, for example, or the 10th ? Hasn’t our main cause been the REDUCTION of Federal Overlordship ? If we want to get rid of this citizenship clause,lets do it in the constitutionally prescribed manner – by an amendment, and not in response to the “Crisis of the day”.. I’ve often said that we should be ready to oppose Trump if he gets out of line – just like we would oppose any other President or cavalier Fed official….This is it, folks, and I invite anyone to tell me different…

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