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Commissioner McDonald Deserves Re-Election

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald


Commissioner McDonald Has Done Outstanding Job,
Deserves Re-Election


Dan McDonald proved in his first term that he’s willing to jump in feet-first to address the inherited fiscal nightmare. He’s also been instrumental in leading the board in implementing cost-saving policies while retaining most county personnel, and maintaining services.

On the pay raises: The commissioners didn’t vote themselves pay increases; the numbers came from an outside third party, Ameriben, not from the commissioners or Human Resources. Further, Dan’s opponent would have you believe that only the commissioners received raises. That’s false. And he either doesn’t know this, or he’s purposely misleading the voters. Both are disqualifying characteristics.

Here’s the truth: All elected officials, and county employees, received pay increases at Ameriben’s recommendation. And after budget cuts, implementing efficiency procedures, and rewarding county employees for their excellent work, why would the commissioners NOT deserve a raise for their outstanding work? Doesn’t anyone who does an exceptional job deserve a reward? An excellent work ethic is deserving of compensation, and the small raise brings the commissioners up to about average that of other Idaho commissioners. Do we want to attract and retain competent people, or don’t we? I say yes, we do. And the current commissioners have demonstrated their competence, are fiscally responsible, and work every day to find ways to make the county even more efficient as it serves its residents.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald, a man unafraid to find innovative solutions to touch challenges.


C A Miller
Sagle, ID


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