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Offense vs Defense by Pete Ketcham

I am encouraged that, with the help of God, we can win this fight.

President Trump Offense vs Defense letter Trump

Offense vs Defense

by Pete Ketcham

History has repeatedly shown that the winning outcome of a conflict or war between nations, tribes, political parties, or even sporting teams was invariable gained by the side that was on the offense. The offensive side usually had the greater assets for battle, and could literally set the entire agenda of the battle. In part, this agenda consisted of the ability to strategically plan the time and place of the battles.

In the political arena the issues, (real or manufactured), and the time of initiation of these issues are set by the offensive side. The defensive side is relegated to a response only, not being able to anticipate when, what, and where the next issue will be launched against them, and unfortunately that is the very situation the Trump administration finds itself in.

With the tremendous assets of the entire mainstream news media, complete school system (K to graduate school), entertainment industry, and the democratic party, the liberal socialist left has been on the offensive side of the political conflict for years, and continues to the present.

All of these liberal entities/assets effectively cooperate and assist each other in their battle to take Trump and the conservatives down. The left has shown an ability to strategically plan the issues and the time to launch them, thus keeping the Trump administration in an off balanced response mode, unable to anticipate the time or content of the next issue launched against them by the left.

Yet, with all the odds of victory being with the left (as the offensive side), Trump, his administration, and his supporters are putting up a tremendous fight, and are basically holding their own at this time. At times I would imagine many conservatives become discouraged by the deceit, lies, and hate that is being projected in such volume against the Trump administration.

But I am reminded how England was pounded for nine months of bombing by the German Luftwaffe, but never gave up, won the “Battle of Briton (prevented the Luftwaffe from gaining air superiority over England)  and eventually with the help of the US turned the tables and bombed the hell out of Germany with the British Lancasters, and American B17’s & B24’s.

And so I am encouraged that, with the help of God, we can win this fight, but in the meantime we can be inspired by the words of Winston Churchill:

“Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”


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2 Comments on Offense vs Defense by Pete Ketcham

  1. Neil,

    Thanks for your comments. Yes Churchill was a great leader and he
    had Stalin figured out. If only Roosevelt had taken his advise.

  2. Mr Ketcham : I might add that this “Never give in” spirit – personified by the Bundys – has given us one triumphant victory after another in these last years. They, and I as a bit player, have lived Churchill’s courageous challenge to the full. Acting in faith, we have seen a divine providence come to our aid – BUT ! we had to stand first. I happen to be reading “The Last Lion” the story of Churchill’s wartime years. He meant what he said about not giving in – recall his ” We will fight on the beaches, we will fight on the landing grounds, we will in the fields, we will never surrender !” He would have rather seen every Englishman – man , woman and child – dead than submit to the Nazis. True enough, the media are little better than prostitutes ( Have you seen Nigel Farage’s excoriation of them ?) but they are being left behind by the Information highway, and doughty correspondents like Ms Dovale. PS… How about that “Walk Away” movement ! ! ?

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