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McDonald Has Kept His Campaign Promises

His small government mindset is a breath of fresh air.

mcdonald Commissioner

Dan McDonald Has Kept His Campaign Promises

My family moved here from Oregon in 2012. I met Dan McDonald shortly after at one of the local classic car shows. I supported his first run for commissioner because, coming from a state that was financially mismanaged, highly-regulated, and with little taxpayer accountability, his small government mindset was a breath of fresh air. He made a lot of promises, and he kept them all.

During his first term as commissioner, and along with his fellow commissioners, Dan cut nearly 12 million dollars from the county budget and made efficiency a top priority, all while retaining necessary services. He’s also helped promote a culture of mutual respect among county employees, as well as with constituents, whom he makes himself available to 24 hours a day. That’s virtually unheard of these days.

There are those who claim they’re fiscally conservative; Dan is fiscally conservative. And in these highly politicized times, it’s unusual for an elected official to keep their campaign promises. Dan has gone above and beyond to serve the needs of the county residents, and he deserves re-election. Please consider giving him your vote.

Jason Giddings/Sagle