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Letter to Senator Crapo re: Brett Kavanaugh

We have a man with a near spotless reputation of exemplary jurist prudence

Letter to Senator Crapo re: Brett Kavanaugh

Letter to Senator Crapo
re: Brett Kavanaugh

Dear Senator Crapo,

In the matter of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, the behavior of the progressive democrats is repugnant to our Republic. The entire confirmation process, required by our Constitution, has been thrown into chaos by  reports in the media of an alleged letter containing alleged accusations of an alleged assault occurring 35 years ago. The actual accuser has not made ANY accusations in person and yet there are those who insist that the as yet un-articulated accusations are credible and that Mr. Kavanaugh is guilty until proven innocent AND that he must present his defense BEFORE the accusations are made. This is abhorrent to our most basic concepts of justice.

We do know absolutely that an assault has taken place, not 35 years ago but right now, today against Brett Kavanaugh. Real injury is taking place and Republicans are seen as standing around and passively watching the crime being committed.

The scales of justice are blind. On the one hand we have a man with a near spotless reputation of exemplary jurist prudence, admired by his peers, his coworkers and the public and on the other hand we have, at worst, a drunk teenage boy groping a girl 35 years ago. If this is the new standard then you, and all of the members of the Senate should resign right now.

Now, to be clear, nobody condones this or any behavior exhibited by a drunk 17 year old, which is why we do not nominate a drunk 17 year old to the Supreme Court. We do nominate someone with a long record of competence. Perfection is not a reasonable or rational standard when dealing with humans. We are all human and it is the human condition that we all make mistakes. I know I have and I know you have. What is important is what lessons we take away from those mistakes and how they impact our future behavior. I do not want a justice confirmed that has not experienced regret over having made a bad decision. There has been only one perfect man to walk the earth and that was a long time ago.

If you or your chairman or your committee allows turning the process upside down because of shrieking progressive harpies and ignorant talking heads then you will have failed in your basic Constitutional duty and you will have put ALL future nominations in jeopardy. I pray and trust that this will not be the case and that you will move expeditiously to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

Brent Regan


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