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Open Letter to Candidate Steve Lockwood

Dan McDonald is the right choice for county commissioner.

Lockwood voting Open Letter to Candidate Steve Lockwood

Open Letter to Candidate Steve Lockwood

Dear Mr. Lockwood,

You do realize that as a commissioner you’ll need to understand the facts? Apparently, you are having difficulty understanding the 911 issues. If this is an example of your abilities, you should enjoy your sunset years in retirement so that you don’t have to suffer the indignities that are becoming evident.

Yes, Bonner County did win a $127,000 grant. No, it is not being returned due to inaction by the commissioners (who are not even responsible for managing this project). The mandate of the grant requires mapping every road and building in the five northern counties in a shorter period of time than was possible. So, the money is held by the state until the mapping is complete. At which point, it will be brought back and used accordingly. I would rather you fully comprehended this and aren’t having a senior moment, in which case you were simply convoluting the facts in order to bolster your political position by confusing the public.

It’s sad to see you throwing all the commissioners and Bonner County personnel under the bus. If elected, who is it that you’ll be working with? You’ve held public office in the past and if I recall correctly, you quit both elected positions before your term was out. I am concerned that you might not have the energy needed to fulfill an entire term as commissioner. If you really love Bonner County, I would think no less of you if you quit now and saved yourself further disgrace.



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