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Coming Nuremburg Trials – USA Version


RFR on KTW – 2018-09-01 Coming Nuremburg Trials – USA Version


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1 Comment on Coming Nuremburg Trials – USA Version

  1. “There would be little use punishing the Hitlerites for their crimes if law and justice did not rule, and if totalitarian or police governments were to take the place of the German invaders”….Churchill…May 13 1945. Leaving the bleats of this Florida pol aside, it’s a stretch to hold up the Nuremburg trials as anything that could happen here. True enough, a very few Americans have been tried and convicted of war crimes – Lt Calley for one and the Commander of Andersonville, the notorious Confederate POW camp for another. But in general, Lincoln’s “Let em up easy” has prevailed. Even Jeff Davis was allowed to return home. R E Lee went on to become the president of Washington College – Now Washington and Lee University. As compared to the wholesale massacres and executions that have taken place after other revolts, this magnificent forgiveness and healing was uniquely American. If the Libtards wish to institute a program of vengance and retaliation, Their bloodlust will be another example of their Anti-Americanism. At any rate, they’ll not get their chance till 2024 – we are going to see to that, aren’t we folks ?

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