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The Mueller Strategy by Pete Ketcham

Assisted by the Democrat Party, the mainstream press, liberal social media, and other left wing entities they think will help them in their quest to destroy Trump.

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The Mueller Strategy

by Pete Ketcham

As we watch Mueller’s investigation charge into multiple people’s lives, and  numerous political  areas, we realize that his investigation literally has no limitations. Many political pundits believe all this is a sign that Mueller is frustrated and desperate to come up with some illegal charge that could destroy the Trump presidency, and is randomly looking everywhere to find it.
As this all “plays out” it has become evident this is not a desperate developing procedure, but was a planned strategy from the very beginning of this investigation, and is proceeding as planned.
Mueller and his gang of rogue lawyers are dedicated Democratic Trump haters, and will continue to expand their investigation till Trump is out of office, either by completion of his four year term, or impeached.
There is no arena that this gang cannot penetrate, nor any individual they cannot intimidate by threat of prison. They have so far “come down on” two former Trump lawyers, two former campaign managers & assistant, one security adviser, publisher of National Enquirer, and now have Donald Trump JR lined up in their sights. These rouge lawyers have sought the assistance and damning testimony of one porn star, one playgirl model, one former disgruntled white house staffer, and many more we are not yet aware of.
One can rest assured that each week will bring forth new charges and defendants as this gang is assisted by Democrat state AG’s, tax commission, and other state agencies (New York Tax agency is now investigating the Trump Foundation). This rogue gang is also being assisted by the Democrat Party, the mainstream press, liberal social media, and other liberal left wing entities they think will help them in their quest to destroy Trump.
Many conservative politicians and pundits are calling for Mueller to “wrap it up” as he has not found any collusion yet, but he is effectually countering these calls “to wrap it up” by continuing to dig up new defendants and threatening them with indictment. As the old saying goes: “prosecutors can indict a ham sandwich”. I believe it is naive to believe  that Mueller is going to voluntary conclude his investigation, as it is the heart & soul, and the tip of the spear of the left’s dedicated mission to destroy Trump. This investigation for Mueller and his Democrat helpers is like “shooting fish in a barrel”. There is no limit of people (“easy targets”) connected to Trump that may find themselves and their families in jeopardy financially and freedom-wise. We see on a daily basis, that there is a new victim or volunteer “dug up” by Mueller’s team that they hope has some incriminating evidence to be used against Trump.
It has now become blatantly evident that the national justice system, starting with the DOJ
on down to the lowest courts has become corrupted. This fact is so aptly illustrated by the DOJ refusing to look into any aspect of the numerous crimes that Hillary has committed, yet relentlessly pursues every aspect of Trump’s life looking for the slightest irregularity.
I believe the only way to stop Muller, is by a counter investigation of him personally, which at this time seems very unlikely as the Justice Department is currently under control of the Democrat Rod Rosenstein deputy AG ( thanks to Sessions hiding in his recusal corner of safety).
Sessions should be fired, and the Trump administration needs to go on the offensive. If the Democrats are going to use a special counsel to destroy their opposition (which they are doing), then the Trump administration needs to appoint another special council to investigate Hillary and Mueller. In this current disgusting arena of politics, the only way to win is to fight fire with fire, and to hell with the opinion of the press, the liberals, and the Democrats, as no matter what Trump does, he will be condemned by them.

3 Comments on The Mueller Strategy by Pete Ketcham

  1. All the investigators and people involved are Republican or Republican appointees. Republicans control the house , Senate , judicial and executive office. His own appointed cabinet and own friends and associates saying all these things. So why is this article so misguided????

  2. I recommend everyone start digging into Qanon, I think you may realize that something else is happening here. I am becoming more and more convinced that Qanon is real and that the swamp is being drained. There are waaaayyyy too many ‘coincidences’ of “the future proves the past” to ignore. It nows seems highly probable, if not guaranteed, that John McCain was convicted of treason by a military tribunal and executed and that the public optics we are seeing was preserved intentionally because there aremany more to come with “40% public 60% classified”. If you dont know what I am talking then you haven’t been following Q. It also appears that Mueller was facing an immediate trip to gitmo or reduced sentence in exchange for cooperation from the very start. I know how weird this seems but you need to remember that the MSM LIES LIES LIES and are being kept in the dark here to intentionally destroy the fake news PERMANENTLY! It also appears the Podestas and Hillary may already be under military arrest with trackers. Sound implausible? Military intelligence has ALL THE DIRT from NSA slurping up their ecomms and they found their 16 year plan to little destroy the US entirely – as in disarmed, starved, nuked and invaded. Stop responding to the mainstream lies, dig in for yourself. The great awakening is happening now and the good guys are going to win BIG!

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