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The American Gestapo by Pete Ketcham

The federal prosecutors were not held accountable in any manner for the trail of destruction they left behind.

The American Gestapo by Pete Ketcham

The American Gestapo

by Pete Ketcham

I am sure there is no question in the readers mind what the German Gestapo represented to the German people under Nazi rule. It was usually a foregone conclusion, that if the Gestapo knocked on your door, you chances of ending up either in a concentration camp or dead were almost 100%. There was simply no defense or recourse by the average German citizen against any action the Gestapo wished to employ against them.

With the foregoing description of the German Gestapo, one may wonder what could be similar in our government to such an agency. Although there is nothing in our government to equal the physical brutality of the German Gestapo, there is indeed a group of corrupt federal people wielding the same brutal legal power as the German Gestapo, and that is the Federal Prosecutors. They work under the Dept of Justice (DOJ) and their agency is called “Office of United States Attorneys”. There are 93 US attorney offices throughout the US and it’s possessions. There are approximately 5300 Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA) working in these offices. This agency has approximately a 95% conviction rate, only exceeded by the 100% conviction rate of the Gestapo. Consequently, when the Federal Prosecutors come “knocking on your door”, you will have an opportunity to feel the same apprehension that the German citizen felt under Hitler’s Gestapo.

I am not implying that all of the employees of this agency are corrupt, nor all the trials this agency has been involved in are not justified and fair, but the fact remains, the leadership of this agency under the Obama administration became corrupt and abusive. The present rogue, out of control Mueller investigation is a continuation of this type of abusive prosecution as they look for a crime Trump committed, and simultaneously cover up the crimes of Hillary.

My opinion of the corrupt federal prosecutor’s procedure is based in part on the book by attorney Sidney Powell, “Licensed to Lie”, and the book by attorney Greg Jarrett “The Russian Hoax”. The book “Licensed to Lie” deals primarily with the 2006 prosecution of the Enron Corporation, Author Anderson Corporation, and the prosecution of Ted Stevens Alaska Senator. The federal prosecutors in these cases intimidated and threatened potential witnesses for the defense, and withheld exculpatory evidence. They destroyed two major corporations, put innocent people in prison, and left thousands of corporate employees (28,500) without a job. Even though most of the decisions in both of these cases were later overturned, the federal prosecutors were not held accountable in any manner for the trail of destruction they left behind.

The book “The Russian Hoax” is dealing with the present Mueller/Trump investigation, revealing the same abusive tactics as used in the Enron and Ted Stevens trials. This should not be surprising, as Mueller and his prime “pit-bull” attorney Andrew Weissmann were both deeply involved in the Enron/Anderson trial.

A present day ongoing example of this abusive Gestapo type activity by federal prosecutors is their actions against the ranchers Bundy and Hammond. This abuse was characterized in part by withholding exculpatory evidence, intimidating witnesses, and pressing for severe sentencing of a minor crime, (if indeed there were a crime). I am not judging the legality of the Bundy’s and Hammond actions, but commenting on the unconstitutional conduct of the federal prosecutors as they pursued these cases.

In conclusion I would encourage the reader to read these two books (“Licensed to Lie”, & “The Russian Hoax”)  to get the full background of this prosecutorial abuse. Even though the comparison of the Federal Persecutors to  the Gestapo may seem extreme and harsh, I believe you will see this comparison is justified as you read these books and observe the present activities of Mueller and his team of liberal Democrat Trump haters hang Manafort out to dry, intimidate witnesses, and lie in their pursuit of the president.


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7 Comments on The American Gestapo by Pete Ketcham

  1. Sorry, but that is a load of crap.

    You might try reading a book titled Voices of the Third Reich by Johannes Steinhoff.

    Much like today there are salt and pepper mixes in and out of government, and in and out of whatever is not “government.” White hats, black hats, and grey hats.

    The problem is that a usurpation was financed by so called Wall Street to finance Hitler and the Nazi’s into power in Germany, finance the Bolsheviks into power in Russia, and finance the communist Roosevelt into power in American, after the boom and bust, also by Wall Street, known as The Roaring Twenties, then The Great Depression, and all of this is routine.

    Look up the extensive works done by Anthony Sutton:

  2. Standard operating procedure

    Google. Reese family fast and furious scapegoat.

    Kill family business. Steal wealth. Destroy innocent folks lives.
    What just us ??

  3. Allen Toetly. “My people perish for lack of Knowledge.” We told you a d everyone before the nomination and even now that Donald Trump is a protector of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud. Donald Trump has boldly exhibited that his loyalty is frimly entrenched with his Creditors, the Enemy Of Christendom. The Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud. Again the Deluded tremble with joy from all this “Tickling of the ears.”

    WAKE UP. “We must fight” Patrick Henry St John’s Church 1775

    Redoubt: “To this date, Attorney General Sessions [appointed by Donald Trump and his Jewish Advisors] has protected his prosecutors and taken no action to even discipline them. Recently, Sessions outrageously authorized them to appeal the Bundy dismissal.”

    “Those people that will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” William Penn

    Americans cannot repent because Americans will not confess.

    No King but King Yeshua, the Christ.

    In His name and by His Power


  4. Ok nobody you bring the guilty I’ll bring the rope. But I do hope some of the guilty are msm individuals. Seems everything coming from their big mouths is anti Trump and a pro leftists agenda? I’d be happy to throw the lever.

  5. The federal and state prosecutors, judges bar administrators as well as most politicians and much of ‘law’ enforcement are bar conspirators levying war on the people, war on the United States and war on US law as well as authorizing war crimes around the world. The criminal traitors are America’s Gestapo – outright psychopathic tyrannical barbarians whom should have long past rightfully recieved formal presentments by Grand juries for treason, been convicted and executed for their endless warfare against everything good. This is not hyperbole, their actions are real tyranny that deserves absolute condemnation to death for their intentionally crimes that evince a design to reduce us to absolute despotism while enriching their crony network of criminals that make up the military, intelligence, prison, ‘security’ complex. Their warfare tactics have realized a complete dismantling of American law that is now weaponized under their racketeering claiming a monopoly over ‘justice’ by strategically eliminating equal access to our grand juries, thwarting defense by disallowing proper defense against their ‘charges’ and their most precious weapon of all ELIMINATING A LIABLE ACCUSER FROM THE PEOPLE INVOKING THEIR AGENCY TO SERVICE REQUIRED FOR A VALID CAUSE OF ACTION THEREBY REPLACING GOVERNMENT SERVITUDE WITH TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT TOTALITARITARIANISM – NO LIABILITY FOR THEM FOR THE CRIMINAL ACCUSATIONS THEY INITIATE ON BEHALF OF PHANTOM “PEOPLE” WHOM DO NOT ACTUALLY EXIST AS IDENTIFIABLE ACCUSERS FACING THOSE WHOM THEY ACCUSE WITH EQUAL LIABILITY.

    Presentments, trials, hangings; It’s always been the only real solution to their criminal warfare against US. How many lawful hangings will it take before they scurry back into the shadows? Let’s start with a thousand and see how many continue with their tyranny after that. I would bet they would be running for the exit before 10. Unleash your free speech to exactly what our law intends to protect – discussing, planning, organizing, manifesting the absolute abolishment of tyranny and upholding the absolute protections of equal law and justice.

  6. Those Gestapo tactics can trickle down to the county level just as well. Clackamas county forced me to connect to the sewer system when my septic failed. There were two home’s on the road affected by this. By the time I was finished it cost 30k I was threatened with daily fines for non compliance to the tune of 2k per day per person on the deed. If you think you might have legal recourse to fight back think again you’ll lose. Me and my wife sold the house and moved to idaho. Getting away from Oregon was like a breath of fresh air.

  7. Shari..You and I know that everything Ketcham says is true, having seen these mercenary prosecutors in Portland and Vegas. I can’t believe that Stephen Myhre still holds his position and has not been disbarred,but then, that’s the Federal Culture. Surely you have seen Ammon’s talk, published this morning. He has taken the lead again, and his words strike home.

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