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The Socialist Left Are Using Our Strategy

They are developing the effective strategy and numbers that may overwhelm us

The Socialist Left Are Using Our Strategy
photo credit: Jamie Lusch / Mail Tribune

The Socialist Left Are Using Our Strategy

by Pete Ketcham

Last Saturday I drove down a major street in Medford, Oregon, and was surprised and somewhat shocked at what I saw. There were at least two city blocks full of shouting anti ICE and Trump protesters on both sidewalks of the street holding numerous signs, stating their anti ICE & Trump messages.

As I observed these protesters, I found they were casually well dressed, young, old, and middle aged people, a cross-section of people you would find at a modern shopping mall. It was evident to me I was not looking at a fringe left wing Antifa type event.

What really came home to me was the similarity of this gathering to the TeaParty events I had participated in back in 2008 to 2010, and thus I did some web research to see what was happening across our nation. If you click on the link to the “Indivisible” website you will see that their strategy is indeed based on the TeaParty strategy to a point, but the major difference being that the TeaParty primarily held community meetings, not street protests.

As I did additional research on other websites it became evident to me that the socialist left is much better organized and more effective than we ever were in our TeaParty efforts. This is born out by the coordinated weekend anti-ICE protests and encampments across the entire United States. What is most disturbing about all these liberal leftist protests, is they can now be effectively organized across the entire US for any issue the socialist progressive left deems important at the time (coming next is SCOTUS pick).

As we know, that to abolish ICE we would lose our defense against the brutal gangs such as MS13, and the Mexican drug cartels, yet those people on the street Saturday could have cared less, as they have not been victimized by these brutal gangs and cartels….yet. They are caught up in their fantasy world of social utopia, but unfortunately they are developing the effective strategy and numbers that may overwhelm us if we ourselves do not start a new conservative counter movement to meet them in the street. In essence, if they have two blocks of anti ICE/Trump protesters, perhaps we should have three blocks of pro ICE/Trump supporters.

Afterthought:  It would seem like much of this liberal/socialist activity is being guided behind the scenes by some professional “Community Organizer”,  humm, I wonder who that might be?


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