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Sheriff David Clarke Comes to Montana

"I remind you to do something…put the party hats and party favors away! Suit up! This is going to be a fight!”

Sheriff David Clarke Comes to Montana

Sheriff David Clarke Comes to Montana

by Tim Ravndal

Sheriff David Clarke opened the “Make America First” rally for Vice President Pence in Billings Montana. Standing for Liberty and Freedom, Mr. Clarke knows his credentials show he is fighting for freedom across America.

We have all watched across America, sitting with pride to see an American Sheriff to join the ranks of Montana Sheriff Jay Printz and Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, as well as Sheriff Joe Arpiao of Maricopa County Arizona.

Taking his oath of office seriously Sheriff Clarke has stepped up to tyranny without fear. He has exercised the Constitutional provisions of our country to defend the rights of the people.

His message directly to the people in Billings Montana resonates across the west. Many people have celebrated the current administration being in place considering the alternative that was before the people.

Sheriff Clarke reminded everyone that the battle for freedom and liberty was won in 2016, but the war is far from over.

“We cannot get complacent or become complacent! Because if we do, all of our hard work since 2016…all of our hard work, will be wrongly sewn. I don’t know about you folks, but I have worked too damn hard to get us this far…to get this President and this Vice President this far, to watch it in two short years blow up in smoke. You got to stand again! I remind you to do something…put the party hats and party favors away! Suit up! This is going to be a fight!” ~Sheriff David Clarke

David Alexander Clarke Jr. (born August 21, 1956) is a former American law enforcement official who was the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin from 2002 to 2017. In 2002, Clarke was appointed sheriff by Governor Scott McCallum and later elected that same year to his first four-year term. He was re-elected in November 2006, 2010, and 2014. Although registered and elected as a Democrat in a heavily Democratic county, many of Clarke’s political views align with those of conservative Republicans. Clarke frequently appears as a guest on Fox News and was a speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention. He resigned as sheriff in August 2017. ~Wikipedia



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  1. Don’t forget to add Sheriff Mike Carpinelli of Lewis County New York to your tally of Constitutional Sheriffs! I know him personally as well as Sheriffs Mack & Clarke -among others. And they know Sheriff Carpinelli as well. They’ll vouch for him…They’re all ‘top shelf’ in my book…

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