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Rosendale Steps Up Campaign Against Senator Tester

So far in this election cycle, Tester has spent over $13,000,000.00 in campaign advertising.

Commissioner Matt Rosendale

Matt Rosendale Steps Up Campaign Against Montana Senator Jon Tester

by Tim Ravndal

The visit to Montana by President Trump and Vice President Pence over the past few weeks has brought politics to the table in every home across the west. Why would these high-level politicians be so interested in the race between incumbent Senator Jon Tester and challenger Matt Rosendale?.

There is a mountain of actions taken by Senator Tester that are being brought to the surface. The campaign funding mechanisms are well oiled and in full operation. Millions of dollars are being spent by the political organizations backing their candidate.

Senator Tester in his early success being elected touted that he was a Montana grounded candidate that would never accept politics as usual bringing the people of Montana the long-awaited representation. We know that so far in this election cycle he has spent over $13,000,000.00 in campaign advertising.

Don’t forget that as a sitting Senator, the taxpayers are footing the bill for his trips around the country, bringing in more funding for his campaign.

Tester purports that he is the champion of transparency and has said he is adamantly opposed to the so called “Dark Money.” We know that large sums of his campaign funding is coming from these very same sources. He pretends he is fighting “Citizens United” but has a long list of corporate entities funding his campaign.3

Matt Rosendale brings light to the hypocrisy including but not limited to the purchase of the million-dollar castle in Washington DC by Senator Tester. We have to ask if Mr. Rosendale will be corrupted by the Washington power club like it has happened to so many before him. Rosendale has recently stepped up his campaign against Senator Tester. His backing by the President and Vice President are political, but we have to believe that the whole program is designed to “Make America Great Again. We will continue to follow this political race here in Montana and like we always say, “Let’s Follow The Money” to see where we go from here.433

At the Billings rally, Matt Rosendale, before introducing Vice President Pence, stated; “You sent me to office to reduce Regulations and I did that…You sent me to office to reduce spending and I did that as well…and you sent me there to protect your property rights and your gun rights and the sanctity of life and I did those things as well…like this administration, I serve the way that I campaign too.”



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