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The Invaders, The Facilitators, The Beneficiaries

We must be prepared for a long sustained fight to bring about our border security.

Invaders, The Facilitators, The Beneficiaries

The Invaders, The Facilitators, The Beneficiaries

by Pete Ketcham

On past occasions I had referred to our southern boarder issue as a peaceful invasion and occupation of our nation by a foreign country, but had not really identified all the facilitators and beneficiaries. I have found that there is considerable more to this crisis that is  being presently discussed in the news, or being protested about in the streets.

Thus I present the following short summery of the invaders, the facilitators, and the beneficiaries.

It is evident that the citizens of Mexico and the south American countries of Guatemala, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Columbia are the primary source of the illegal immigrant invaders. These invaders include children, who are being exploited by their parents and others as a free ticket to enter our country because of our convoluted illogical immigration laws.

There are multiple facilitators of this invasion, working for their own specific benefit, and unfortunately, the combined efforts of all of these entities creates an open invasion of our nation that is difficult to stop.

1.The Democrat party is the primary facilitator of this invasion with their sanctuary cities, states, and advocacy of open borders. The primary benefit to them is to create a legal or illegal voter base to keep them in power indefinitely, and to dilute the influence of traditional national white Christians through the infusion of a group of people who neither know, nor care about our national heritage and customs. Adding to the democrat’s open border agenda is the indoctrination by our public schools, promoting unlimited immigration. Those who advocate for open borders, have no idea or simply don’t care about the undesirable social consequences this will bring, as the gang and criminal element encompassed within this invasion will wreak havoc on their very world.

2. The Mexican drug cartels actions of importing drugs into this nation creates a tremendous profit for them. These drugs are distributed and sold throughout our nation via a nation wide distribution network the cartels have set up. Not only are they importing drugs, but also are smuggling weapons and illegal immigrates into the country. All this activity generates billions of dollars, much of which is being laundered and flows to the benefit of those who advocate and facilitate the open borders policy. It is that old adage, “follow the money” that always seems to prevail. Sadly, the biggest facilitator and sustainer of the cartels is the American people’s insatiable appetite for illegal drugs, creating the largest market for illegal drugs in the world. These cartels see a multi-billion market for their products just over the border, and are currently fulfilling that demand by using any and all ruthless means available.

3. The large and small American farmers producing fruit, potatoes, beets, and other agriculture products started the initial influx of legal and illegal Mexican laborers. This was done from a profit motive, and is carried on to the present. I speak from first hand experience observing the efforts of the potato farmers in Nevada in the 1970’s obstructing the efforts of the NIS when they came to check on the status of their workers. It is not only the farming industry that promotes the influx of illegals, the hotel industry, casino industry, landscapers, restaurant, construction, and many more industries that depend on cheap labor to increase profits.

It is evident that our nation is working at cross purposes concerning illegal immigration on our southern border. Although a wall, mandatory E Verify, revising our illogical immigration laws, and a zero tolerance policy are steps in the right direction, the liberal political pull for voters, the insatiable appetite for drugs, and the desire for cheap labor are still going to make it extremely difficult to bring all this under control. I am not implying it can’t be done, as I think Trump is determined to do it, and has made good progress thus far, but we must be prepared for a long sustained fight to bring about our border security.


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