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2 Comments on Hammonds Returning to Burns after Pardon

  1. Lots of attacks on real American families. Corrupt D.O.J. Ruins lives at will.
    Google Reese family, Fast and Furious scapegoats .
    President Trump is to be commended.
    God willing more to come.

  2. I watched the video, thanks for sharing the homecoming with us. A question, what is going to be done Congressionaly to reel in the BLM, and will there be consequences. Both men look broken, my prayers to bring them home have been answered, but there are still Patriots incarcerated. I hope someone is working on their behalf to free them. The $400,000 should be returned to them. The Feds and Oregon State government have behaved in the same corrupt way as the FBI and CIA have been exposed of. The FBI that was involved in this whole incident including the Bundy situation need to be prosecuted. Dan Love and Greg Bretzig both should go to jail. We will not forget those names.

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