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Convention Gets Idaho GOP Refocused And Energized

It's a great time to be here!!

Convention Gets Idaho GOP Refocused And Energized

Convention Gets Idaho GOP Refocused And Energized

by Danielle Ahrens

The Idaho Republican Convention is held every two years in a different city in Idaho. The county Central committees will put on a presentation to vie for the vote of the delegates in the off years summer meeting. This summer it was in Pocatello and a fundamental change was seen on the floor and the voting outcomes.

For the last several years many of us have mentored young people into the party and helped to personally educate them on the Constitution and other foundational documents of our beautiful Country. This year the fruits of our labor were seen throughout the convention as you looked over the delegates and alternates from all over the state almost 500 in total. There were teenagers, 20, 30, 40 year-olds and up.

The newly elected County Chairmen of our 44 counties and precinct committeemen were predominantly conservative and of a libertarian ideology.  It was a dramatic shift in the way the Republican party used to look in Idaho.

The Platform committee added some more conservative planks as did the Resolutions committee. The Rules committee followed suit. All were passed as a whole.

Jonathan Parker was elected unanimously as our Chairman of the GOP.  He is the youngest in our history.

The power house counties are in order with number of delegates.  Ada 84, Kootenai 43, Bonneville 34, Twin Falls 23, and Bannock 22. As a result we saw Chairman Parker doing an excellent job balancing, with the North and South receiving equal representation on the various committees and chairmanships.

For the first time that I can remember, we saw a new First Vice Chairman elected from North Idaho. Jennifer Locke from Kootenai County.  The Second Vice Chairman is Bryan Smith from Bonneville County.

We had some great key speakers including Oliver North the new NRA President who really inspired our delegates to go out and work hard to fight for our rights.  Shall Not be Infringed.

One of the most poignant moments was as Congressman Raul Labrador took the stage and spoke emotionally about his family and his time in Washington trying to change the way that many things are done. As he finished by saying that when his term is over in December he will be stepping out of the public view and concentrating on his family now. There weren’t many dry eyes after that.

Overall, take heart! It was amazing seeing the youth so heavily involved in the state politics this time and they are fiercely conservative and very motivated.  As they run for office around the state, support them and mentor other young people as they try to make a difference.

Many times I think my generation – the Baby Boomers – got complacent and slipped into a hedonistic way of living. We forgot our roots and our rights. These new generations have not and they are coming roaring back to keep Freedoms flame lit.

God Bless America!!

It’s a great time to be here!!

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5 Comments on Convention Gets Idaho GOP Refocused And Energized

  1. ‘ Many times I think my generation – the Baby Boomers – got complacent and slipped into a hedonistic way of living’

    That’s putting it mildly. The baby boomers are seriously the worst generation EVER. You inherited western civilisation on a plate and managed to mess the entire thing up. EVERYTHING was ruined by the baby boomers and they should do everyone a favour and stop trying to be relevant.

    So good to see young people at this convention. I hope they aren’t polite in telling your old colts to step aside and let a new generation take over.

    • OMG, I can’t believe someone would actually say that…I have been curious to see if any one actually would…and lo’ and behold it has come to pass. It is to a degree true since if they were vigilant and diligent our accounts would be solvent.

      That being said…there is no small dose of conspiracy involved…the Baby Boomers did not knowingly acquiesce their Birthright. They were led and snookered to it. That is no excuse but it does not make them “the worst generation”.

      Consider, after WWII what shape was the world? The USA could have just walked away and said ya’ll clean up your own mess. But we instigated the Marshall Plan and financed the rebuilding of the world. We funded the IMF with yearly subscriptions of 30% of the funding with USA “GOLD”. That lifted the whole world up onto their feet with IMF and World Bank Loans.

      Did we get adequate thanks? No, we did not. Mark Twain said, “What is the different between a starving man and a starving dog? You can feed a starving dog and he won’t bite your hand.”

      The populations of China and India shot up to over 1 billion people each starting from the 1950’s…you can see what they spent their prosperity upon…sex. So to call the USA’s Baby Boomers the worst…no, they are not the worst.

      Young man, the worst is yet to come, the Baby Boomers did not hold the line…they allowed Nixon to take us off value based currency into la la land…but blaming old people is not going to get you far…it amounts to just looking for a victim to blame.

      • The baby boomers aren’t the victim of anything. The young generation are the victims of their stupidity. The baby boomers were the ones who deregulated the banking sector, lead by the first boomer President Bill Clinton. The same Bill Clinton who passed NAFTA.

        The world’s environmental issues, while starting off in the 1960’s as a serious threat were made 100 times worse from the 1990’s onwards, when the baby boomers were in charge. The inconpotant, corrupt Congress’s that we have had in the last few decades have been dominated by boomers.

        You take about the Marshall Plan after the state of the world after WWII. The baby boomers weren’t in power in 1945, so that is irrelevant to my poin. The boomers came into power in the 1990’s.

        • Baby Boomers: “There are varying timelines defining the start and the end of this cohort; demographers and researchers typically use birth years starting from the early- to mid-1940s and ending anywhere from 1960 to 1964.”

          Using 1945 as the starting point one of them could have been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives by 1971…right when Nixon took the USA off of value backed money.

          If you say the Baby Boomer’s are not victims of anything that means these words from Communist Control Act of 1954 are frivolous:
          SEC. 2. The Congress hereby finds and declares that the Communist
          Party of the United States, although purportedly a political party, is in fact an instrumentality of a conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States. It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

          It is the means whereby individuals are seduced into the service of the world Communist movement, trained to do its bidding, and directed and controlled in the conspiratorial performance of their revolutionary services.”

          The Baby Boomers, if it is in any proper to categorize a whole bunch of individuals with liberty as a class based on when they were born, were, taken down a path they should not have gone. The Communists were actively conspiring against the USA…by any means they could. Throw the Military/Industrial Complex in which Eisenhower warned us about and the Baby Boomers were in a meat grinder.

          Harry Dexter White was a Communist and he was instrumental in Bretton Woods in 1947, when the first Baby Boomer was 2, which tied us to the IMF and World Bank. Talk about inheriting stupidity…they inherited some too.

          Hell, I am all for deregulation of the Banks, no one makes you or anyone else put your money into a Bad Bank…and if you do you are uncaring smucks.

          What about the generation that allowed the 1913 abominations of the Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the I.R.S.? The Baby Boomers would not have had to deal with those issues if they had not inherited some one else’s stupidity?

          What the heck IS an environment issue? Was the near extinction of the whales in the mid-1800’s an environmental issue…leading to laws being made in Kentucky, far inland, banning the sale of Whale Lamp Oil in order to save the whales? Or how about a man I know who grew up on a dairy farm in Maryland in the 1950’s who saw first hand pesticide that was so potent that when it rained it drained into a 10 acre lake and killed everything in it? Is that an environmental issue? That is before 1960. Or how about the early days of refining Kerosene from Oil when gasoline was an unsellable byproduct which they dumped into rivers…leading to many instances where the gasoline caught fire and the whole river was afire…is that an environmental issue? Or the smog from the steel mills in 1900 Pittsburgh being so thick it made the buildings exterior black? All those were before 1960.

          There is a coin from 1792 which had stamped on it “Mind Your Business”. Quit blaming old people and “Mind Your Business”. Have you read Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”, “The Notes of the Debates of the Federal Convention of 1787 by James Madison”, “The Federalist Papers”, “The Anti-Federalist Papers”, Frederic Bastiat’s “The Law”, Friedrich Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom”…and many more? If you have not and are not prepared to handle the contingencies therein how are the people at large supposed to know you are any more fit than the Baby Boomers?

  2. Thank you for the recap, Danielle. This was a great convention. We have a lot to look forward to with all the young, energized Republicans getting set to make their mark.

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