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Ammon Bundy Releases More Evidence!

Ammon Bundy releases evidence from the Bunkerville trial that the jury was not allowed to see. The Truth is coming out!

7/14/18 Please help me get this video shared far and wide.
Jurors from the USA Vs Cliven Bundy et al case:

Please email me- so we can move to full transparency and reveal what the courts concealed in order to secure a wrongful conviction. The only way a jury can come to a verdict that is just and right is after they are given the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. It’s not too late to make this right and see innocent men set free.

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5 Comments on Ammon Bundy Releases More Evidence!

  1. Just plea, I hope they Jury Members have righteous indignation over being manipulated.

    On another point, there should not be a police dog in America…not one. That is an Authoritarian’s method…worse, it is animalistic. Serious, just think of it, using an animal to run down and attack Humans. What an insult. Look on Google for what the Spanish did to the “Republic of Indians” using dogs, the Stasi, the Nazis…sheer terror methods…cruel and unusual punishment police dogs are.

  2. Having been at Bundy Ranch with Ammon, at Malhure with him, in jail with him, and tried with him in Portland, I’m glad to testify – he’s a truly exceptional man. An innate generalship, unshakable faith and courage, and a rare grace under pressure combine in Ammon, making him a leader you can believe in. Our unbroken saga of victory since those days in April 2014 have been the result of his and his family being right, knowing they were right, and never giving an inch. Trump’s pardon of the Hammonds is a validation of everything we have done. The commenter above might note that, at the threat of life in prison, Ammon and the others never flagged or failed, and fought through to victory. In a word, they outmanned the Federal hacks.

  3. Funny how big and tough these guys acted after Bunkerville. Now they’ve been transformed into just two more pathetic, whiny conservative victims trying to weasel out of their consequences. The so-called patriots are sad little men.

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