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Ammon Bundy On Todd Engel and Today’s Ruling

Todd Engel

Ammon Bundy speaks to the people, to the prosecutors and to the judge responsible for Todd Engel’s cruel and unjust 14 year sentence today. What are a people to do? Let us also remember Jerry DeLemus serving 7 years and Greg Burleson serving 68 years.



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6 Comments on Ammon Bundy On Todd Engel and Today’s Ruling

  1. Reap the whirlwind, Bundy’s. Doofus Cliven and his two boys should be in jail with Engel, but Navarro was too damn lazy to do her job (plus her master Dirty Harry is no longer her overseer…), so she found lame excuses to dismiss the charges. What else can dork Ammon expect when he and his clan call on people such as Engel to do their dirty work? Ammon really thinks that pointing guns at cops should have no consequences?? He should be appreciative of Navarro’s sloth in dismissing his charges; instead, he whines that she upholds the little work she condescended to do in the first place. What an ingrate.

    I applaud President Trump’s pardon of the Hammonds. Their sentences truly was overkill…plus they didn’t act like the criminal cabal that is the Bundy family. Don’t expect President Trump to pardon people who point guns at cops…that simply doesn’t appear to be his style, nor is it in his interest.

    Democrat Steve Sisolak is leading the polls for Governor for the State of Nevada. Count on Sisolak to promptly move against the Bundys should he be elected to office. Then we will see if Cliven still wants to insist that the BLM lands he is grazing should rightfully be “state” lands.

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