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Tony Ullrich, Constitution Party candidate for Idaho House district 23 seat B


Tony Ullrich, Constitution Party Candidate

Idaho Legislative district 23

Mr. Tony Ullrich, Constitution Party candidate for Idaho House district 23 seat B, announced his candidacy on March 28, 2018, after filing with the Idaho Secretary of State office to be a write-in candidate in the Constitution Party primary.

It was determined by the Secretary of State office that the Constitution Party had no contested races in the state, therefore a primary was not needed for the party. Because of this no opportunity exists for Mr. Ullrich to meet the requirement enabling him be certified in the counties of the district as the party nomination.

Mr. Ullrich, although disadvantaged by this decision made by the Secretary of State office, will continue into the November election as a write-in candidate. Mr. Ullrich plans to seek the endorsement of the Constitution Party at their state convention in Mountain Home, Idaho on August 3rd and 4th. He has every expectation of receiving it.

Mr. Ullrich chose to run for office to take the opportunity to remind the citizens of Idaho that we have a citizen legislature and that our current two-party system is failing. The people of this great state deserve a voice. With strong conservative and constitutional values, Mr. Ullrich hopes to be part of the solution in the ever-growing issue with the establishment and partisan based politics.

A strong supporter of the Constitution, Mr. Ullrich wants to help return the power to its rightful place, with the people instead of big government, with politicians who do nothing but abuse the limited powers they are delegated by the people. He supports every word in the Constitution and as a proponent of bottom up government, will push Idaho to a stronger stance on State Sovereignty.

Mr. Ullrich will demand transparent and honest government because if there is no integrity in government there will be no integrity in the laws of said government. Laws are meant to protect the people, not enslave them.

Mr. Ullrich welcomes questions and concerns from all citizens of Idaho. Mr. Ullrich wants to remind each citizen that he will work for you. The Citizen is the Master, not the Government.


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