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Who Is Russ Fulcher To You?

Vote for Russ Fulcher for Congress on May 15.

Russ Fulcher

Who Is Russ Fulcher To You?

Some people who claim to be “the most conservative” are suspicious of Russ Fulcher because he works so well with others! There may be concern that if one can get things done with everyone, something must be wrong!

Some Republicans who claim to be “common sense conservatives” are suspicious of Russ Fulcher because while serving in idaho’s political arena, he left a track record of conservative leadership, fiscal accountability, an emphasis on family values, and was loved and respected by the liberty voters!

I know Russ Fulcher personally, and I am in no way suspicious of him. I appreciate his no nonsense approach to problem solving! I appreciate his willingness to listen to hear, not just for his turn to speak! I appreciate the way he loves his family! I personally like the way he works with people on both sides of an issue to find common ground!

Russ Fulcher will be the same man in Washington that he has always been in Idaho! He will be the same man as a Congressman that he was serving in the state legislature.

Russ Fulcher will be the same man to me, while representing our state and working with the president that he is while sitting at a table with me over dinner,… Russ will continue to be my friend!

Dan Lawrence


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