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UPDATE on Bill Keebler – How You Can Help!

The sentencing is scheduled for July 9th in Salt Lake City.

UPDATE on Bill Keebler

UPDATE on Bill Keebler

by Shari Dovale

I spoke with Bill today. He is in good spirits and has hope for his sentencing to turn out well for him.

What the government has done to Bill is wrong, however, Bill is trying to make something good happen from it. He has admitted guilt, even if it is guilty from coercion and/or entrapment. He is trying for a sentence that will have him released right away.

Bill Keebler pled guilty to count 1 of the indictment, which includes “attempted destruction of government property by use of explosives”.

The charge can bring up to 10 years maximum in prison, with financial penalties added. The agreement stipulates that Keebler will be sentenced at the Judge’s discretion, between 12 months plus 1 day, and 70 months. Keebler has already spent about 23 months in jail which will be counted in his favor.

He has asked for help. He would like everyone that knows him to contact his attorney. He needs you to either write a letter or speak at his sentencing on his behalf.

You can contact his attorneys at:

Adam Bridge or
Lynn Donaldson

American Towers
46 W. Broadway, Suite 110
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101
(801) 524-4010

There is hope that Bill can get a ‘time served’ sentence, but he will need the support of the community to get it. The prosecution is making the argument that Bill is a danger to the community, so the only way to counter it is to speak up for him.

If you are not sure of what you can do to help, please call the attorneys and ask them. They are there to help Bill, and he is pleased with their help.

It was disappointing to have a nearly empty courtroom during each hearing, but we can make up for that by filling the courtroom with his supporters at his sentencing.

We can do this!

The sentencing is scheduled for July 9th in Salt Lake City.


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