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Surprise! I’m for Heather Scott

Please join me in supporting Heather Scott by casting your vote for her on May 15.

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Surprise! I’m for Heather Scott

I’m about to shock you. I’ve been one who thought Heather Scott was a kook. I’d never met her, but I was convinced she was nuts. Then I went to a few candidate forums. I got to see her, hear her and watch her. I noted that my belief didn’t match what I experienced.

I went solo to a forum at the VFW. This was the first time I’d seen Heather. I was prepared to dislike her. Nice, huh? I watched as people talked to her before the event. Now here’s where you need to hold on – she was normal. No horns, no metal hat, no crazy. When the event began, I noted Heather was well prepared. She had a notebook of information about bills from the recent Boise session. She was knowledgeable and well versed on all of them. I was impressed with her delivery, her explanations, and her down-to-earthness. She was honest. She has opinions and reasons for them, but she didn’t throw out objectionable rhetoric about people who believe differently. I saw her as approachable, smart and diligent.

At another forum, Mike Boeck refused to answer two “Yes or No” questions that all the other candidates weighed in on. This troubled me. How can I trust where he stands if he won’t say? He posted that the, mixed ideology, forum was “the most hateful” he’d ever attended. Wow. I was there. It was amicable. I question his appraisal of us.

I’m for Heather Scott. Surprise!

Jan Sarchio
Sandpoint, Id


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4 Comments on Surprise! I’m for Heather Scott

  1. As a Heather supporter who’s been defamed and vilified by Mike Boeck and his minions I cannot thank you enough for this letter .

    • Heather wasn’t well prepared when asked about her no vote on HB 211 in the recent forum. She had to deflect the question and spend nearly 10 minutes on her smart phone to refresh her memory on her no vote against funding increased fees to out of state boaters for launching in Idaho waters. And then she didn’t give a yes or no opinion, but danced in circles, finally grounding on long lines of out of state boaters waiting at check stations never wanting to visit Idaho again. So YAWN, I’m a two time Reagan Republican voter voting for Mike Boeck tomorrow at the polls. May reason prevail.

  2. Ya Pat a yawn is exactly what you deserve when you waste your vote on Boeck. You will be lucky if the geezer can even trouble himself to vote or work based on his dismal precinct attendance record. But then again you must be an expert on over 1500 pieces of legislation over the last four years that I am sure you can quote verbatim any time you are asked. Also you might to brush up on the legislation in question which she was ambushed on by your buddies at the Reader, since you have it blatantly wrong why she voted no. But alas as arm chair critic, you can hide at home and live in your bubble.

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