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Summarizing The Facts On Rep. Heather Scott

Please join me in supporting Heather Scott by casting your vote for her on May 15.

Heather Scott facts

Summarizing The Facts On Rep. Heather Scott

I’d like to summarize some indisputable facts we’ve learned about Representative Heather Scott in her four years in the Idaho Legislature:

Fact: Taking Elected Duties Seriously:

  • She had an exemplary attendance record in the House for four straight years with only excused absence.
  • Her opponent’s absentee rate as the Wrenco Republican precinct committee person was 85% – until he declared his candidacy for representative. Then he began showing up!

Fact – Seriousness about Protecting the 2nd Amendment

  • Rep. Heather Scott was the original sponsor of permitless carry in Idaho (now law); sponsored the newly passed retired law enforcement concealed carry bill (HB565); supported the Stand your Ground legislation (now law); was endorsed by Dick Heller, Gun Owners of America, and the NRA; initial organizer of the citizen protection rally for veteran John Arnold in Priest River when the VA wanted to confiscate his guns.
  • Her opponent says he owns a gun but has no voting record on 2nd Amendment issues and was a no-show in Priest River when he had the opportunity to stand for a fellow military veteran to protect his 2nd Amendment rights.

Fact – Protecting North Idaho’s Rural Self-Reliant Lifestyle

  • Rep. Heather Scott has done more in four years to protect and preserve North Idaho values such as protection of personal freedoms, championing private property rights, exposing crony capitalism, standing up against the proposed Hi-Test smelter, and ensuring our natural resources more accessible to all. It only took Rep. Scott 15 years of living here to realize Idaho’s rural life style was being threatened.
  • Her opponent thinks being a 4th generation Idahoan is all that is needed to run for office, but apparently he looked other way for the last 60 years or so while the forests were shut down, roads closed, schools declined and property taxes escalated.

Fact – There is only one person to choose for District 1A seat – Rep. Heather Scott. She is a proven fighter for our way of life here in North Idaho. She won’t compromise liberties and principles for special interest money. She works tirelessly to address constituent issues and puts the duties of the job ahead of political aspirations.

Idaho would be well served with more legislators of her caliber.

Please vote in the May 15 Primary – it is the most important election, because it determines who goes forward to the general election in November.

John Simonsen
Blanchard, Idaho


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