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Is the Snyder Campaign Under Investigation?

Who is funding Michael Snyder for Congress?


Is the Snyder Campaign Under Investigation?

by Shari Dovale

In a letter dated March 20th of this year, a complaint was filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in Washington DC. [See letter below]

In the letter, it is alleged that there are multiple ‘irregularities’ concerning the donations received by the MICHAEL SNYDER FOR CONGRESS campaign, Michael Snyder, Treasurer (Snyder campaign).

The complaint goes on to state that the October filing of the Snyder campaign showed contributions of nearly $34,000 but only itemized about $8,600 of those contributions.

It should be noted that this, though an extremely high amount of unitemized contributions, it is not necessarily a violation by itself. However, it raises the question, “Who is funding Michael Snyder for Congress?”

It does raise red flags, of which the FEC should be concerned with, such as were they in excess of contribution limits, or were they from prohibited contributors?

Continuing on, the year end report filed in January 2018 show more unitemized contributions. Yes, you will see small amounts on every candidates filed reports, but it is highly unusual to have nearly 60% of contributions UNitemized. This suggests a pattern of hiding the names of donors.

Granted, I am not an expert in campaign finance. However, I am a voter and would like to have answers. Where is Michael Snyder getting his money? Who is backing this campaign? Are they backing any other campaigns in Idaho?

In a race of seven candidates all vying for the Republican nomination, how do you determine who to choose? One of the ways is to see who is backing the candidate. If you cannot see the donor list, as nearly 60% have been hidden, how can you know for sure who is funding Snyder?

Is it Big Corporations? Is it environmentalists? Is it democrats? Special Interest groups come in many different forms.

Even the Spokesman Review has asked questions:

Bonners Ferry conservative blogger and author Michael Snyder has reported raising more than $115,000 for his campaign, much of it from out-of-state individuals and $4,000 of his own money. He also reported more non-itemized small donations than itemized contributions, drawing a complaint to the Federal Election Commission that he may be failing to property report the identity of his donors; the agency is now reviewing the complaint. He’s reported no endorsements and didn’t respond to interview requests.

The FEC has confirmed they are reviewing the complaint and have given Snyder notice and a chance to respond. I, for one, would like to see the response before the election next week.


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8 Comments on Is the Snyder Campaign Under Investigation?

  1. Wow, the Idaho Republican establishment does not like Michael Snyder. Might be the best reason yet to vote for him.

  2. By the way, I just read on the Survivalblog that James Wesley, Rawles “prefer(s) Michael Snyder, who is a Redoubter, a prepper, outspokenly Christian, pro-gun, pro-life, liberty-minded, and favors small government.

    This might make a difference to some……

  3. If anyone has been paying attention over the years – Michael Snyder has been up front on his Blog about who he is and what he believes. Unless his whole life has been a sham, he is what he is and who he is.
    On the interview stances given by this site – Russ Fulcher was afforded a nice “sit by the fire” 7 or 8 piece interview that was easy to watch in small segments – Michael’s interview was sort of cramped and to watch you had to watch almost 2 hours of youtube. It is possible that the technology was improved in the time between interview – but, the Redoubt News (RN) does seem to be pulling for Fulcher. Giving the benefit of the doubt to the RN – I wouldn’t think this is article is a hit piece, but it sure seems like one. The letter for instance – it was sent redacted….well, if the RN is a trustworthy enough source to distribute this, why wouldn’t the sender trust the editors of the RN to remove the names themselves to make sure the source was trustworthy themselves? Plus, the timing of this – if the year end report was able to be seen in January, why was this letter sent in on March 20 for an investigation and why was this article written the week before the Primary? It seems a bit suspicious. The way this letter written to the FEC looks is that it was done as last minute desperation and dirty politics (nasty business politics). Anyone can write a letter requesting a complaint to be investigated – but are the allegations true, or again, is this politics as usual?
    Quoting the Spokesman Socialist Review in an article here, poor form. The only thing you can trust from that source is the funny papers.
    You know, maybe it was Trump who gave Michael the money. Maybe it was someone else. Unless it was George Soros or one his his comrades at this point it is a bit late at this point for me. My household is voting for Snyder next Tuesday come what may. If he gets elected – it was the will of God. If he doesn’t, it was the will of God. But, if someone is sitting on the fence about voting – and thinking the vote doesn’t count in the locals for Primary elections – I would like to encourage against that. As someone else has said – the Primary season is where we get to put our choices forward. We have many choices this year – make them wisely and with prayer.

  4. Who filed the complaint Shari? Why redact? Was it someone connected to the Fulcher campaign? You realize that by hiding the name of the complainant that you are doing exactly what you are accusing the Snyder campaign of doing?? This article and your overt bias will only help Snyder.

  5. Another day another attack against the one true Conservative candidate Michael Snyder. An ‘anonymous’ person whose name is redacted makes a smear charge against the Snyder campaign. How low will the Washington insider swamp Republicans go? Michael is going to win, Lord willing. Fulcher is receiving big money from the Republican Super Pac in Washington D.C.. DC means ‘District of Criminals. Run Michael, Run. We the people of North Idaho, The Redoubt, need Michael Snyder because Michael is not an insider like Fulcher is an insider. Snyder is like Heather Scott because Scott is not an insider. Vote Snyder and vote Scott.

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