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Heather Scott: Something to Crow About

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Heather Scott: Something to Crow About

A campaign mailer arrived in our mail this week from Mike Boeck, candidate for state representative, District 1A.

It depicts our 4-year representative, Heather Scott, as the recipient of the “Crow Award for being the least effective legislator”, and uses ominous red and black shading to underscore the point that this is a really dishonorable award. Undermining the message, however, is a photo of a smiling Heather Scott posing next to her award.

That’s your first clue that there is something weird about this campaign ad.

Memo to Boeck: Legislators give this award to each other rather often as a gentle ribbing for being in the minority when voting on a specific bill. It moves from legislator to legislator in the different sessions.

In 2016 Heather Scott earned it from Democratic representative Matt Erpelding for opposing a bill that recognized same-sex marriage in Idaho for taxing purposes to make the Idaho tax code conform with the federal code. “Voting on this bill will be against our state constitution”, she said, because the ban on same sex-marriage is still part of the state constitution. “And that’s what we’ve taken an oath to uphold.” Her motion to table the bill failed on an 8-61 vote. But a compromise bill ended up passing 54-16 anyway.

So her courage to uphold the Idaho Constitution garnered her the award.

Erpelding, by the way, also voted against the bill, but for different reasons, and this year earned a Crow award himself.

Mike Boeck would be well advised to take a page from Heather Scott’s outstanding record of principle and honesty.

John Oldfield
Sandpoint, Idaho


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2 Comments on Heather Scott: Something to Crow About

  1. Mr. Boeck is a fraud, a RINO and likely a democrat. He hung up on me, twice, when I questioned him about his “mailers”. He said he did not write them and did not know anything about them.
    I told him that was irresponsible and should disqualify him from the position.

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