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From San Diego To Bonner County

Please join me in supporting Heather Scott by casting your vote for her on May 15.

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From San Diego To Bonner County

I moved to Bonner County from San Diego, California, a LOST CAUSE -FAILED STATE. The sheriff there is SHERIFF GORE of the INFAMOUS RUBY RIDGE slaughter. Conceal carry permits there are almost NONEXISTENT.

Moving up with my van loaded with our personal belongs, I watched the border of that POLICE STATE fade away in my rear view.

Not four hours later, I heard on the radio that the state that my wife and I were moving to- IDAHO, had passed a bill dropping the requirement for a CONCEAL CARRY PERMIT. The BEST STATE just got better! It felt like Christmas! I knew then the MOVE was meant to be.

Once here, I Google searched for the brave person who pushed for this bill. What a pleasant surprise it was to find out it was a lady named HEATHER SCOTT. Politics here are so unlike California. Idaho is possessive of our FREEDOMs and for that I AM GLAD.

Last Tuesday night at the SANDPOINT HIGH SCHOOL, I attended a meeting where WE the PEOPLE could listen to our potential candidates stump for the upcoming election. When Ms. Scott came to the microphone, I STOOD AND CLAPPED. People here thought it a bit TRITE. They don’t understand.

IDAHO, MONTANA and ARIZONA ARE THE ONLY STATES an American can be FREE to defend themselves and uphold the law and the CONSTITUTION. These states are the nation’s ALAMO and our backs are against the WALL from liberalism and progressivism.

I applaud anyone and everyone who defends the Constitution unapologetically and I will be happy to give my one man standing ovation for HEATHER SCOTT any time the opportunity presents itself to show my appreciation. Everyone has to have a hero. Heather Scott is mine.

Vote for HEATHER SCOTT on May 15th!

Tom Stephan
Sandpoint, ID


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2 Comments on From San Diego To Bonner County

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your endorsement of Heather Scott for another term. I also escaped the Communist Matrix known to some as California and I fled from that Third World S**thole once known as California to the Redoubt of North Idaho. Those of us who have lived through the horrors of Communist Kalifornia can now reshape the political scene of Idaho and especially North Idaho so that the horrors of Liberalism, Kalifornia and Democrats can never be repeated in Idaho. We who have relocated to North Idaho Redoubt can vote and prevent Liberalism and fake Republicans(RINO) from gaining a foothold here. Mike Snyder is another opportunity to vote strong Conservative, Pro 2nd Amendment values and Michael is a Redoubt member. Rand Paul endorsed Michael Snyder. See

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