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Russ Fulcher Can Deliver the Liberty Agenda

Vote Russ Fulcher for Congress on May 15th

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Russ Fulcher Can Deliver the Liberty Agenda

This May I will be voting for Russ Fulcher for Congress. Russ has earned my vote because he is the only candidate with all the qualifications that are needed to truly represent the people of Idaho.

He is a native Idahoan, a successful businessman, a friend of Law Enforcement and a multi-term Senator who represented his constituents well. He successfully passed many pieces of legislation which is a testament to his ability to lead and work well with others.

There may be several articulate voices calling for your vote on May 15th, but there is only one who has the experience to deliver the Liberty agenda in Congress and his name is Russ Fulcher.

Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler


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