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Russ Fulcher – Most Advantageous Vote

Vote for Russ Fulcher for Congress on May 15.

Vote Russ Fulcher Announces Congressional Run

Russ Fulcher – Most Advantageous Vote

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom…” Dickens’ historical novel deals with a time of duality, revolution and resurrection, like today. Our situation is not fictional. Enter Russ Fulcher: Candidate for Congress–speaking of wisdom.

The opening line of Dickens’ work seems apropos. The wisdom he refers to, is dubious today, and the work of politics itself, a deviancy, not to say that a wisdom from “outside” is not prerequisite to good governing, should Dickens’ equivalency of times be true for us.

Given the deviousness of the trade it seems counter intuitive to be in politics and claim to be wise. It begs the question if wisdom in politics is an oxymoron? However, there remains the need to win a strategy of service, rather than manipulation.

Russ Fulcher is a man that draws parallels not so much between his opponents and himself, but between this matter of “politics” and serving, as the parliamentary form of government has it in Prime “Minister”. I know him. I am not advocating for a god. His candidacy is not of eternal consequence, but mind you…Fulcher is most sure.

D.M. Hedden
Coeur d’ Alene, ID


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