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Lotta Rinos Tryin’ To Get Elected!

Please remember to vote in the upcoming primary, May 15th.

Rinos Tryin' To Get Elected!

Lotta Rinos Tryin’ To Get Elected!!

Have ya noticed that all of a sudden each and every Republican Congressional candidate just can’t wait to get to Washington so they can help the President with the Trump agenda? Yea right!! I’m calling BS. Let’s remember, MOST of these dam *career politicians* hate President Trump and everything he stands for and they don’t hesitate to let you know that.I’d argue that this coming election just might be the most important in our lifetimes, maybe in our history. And if the vermin in D.C. succeed with the not so subtle attempted coup they have orchestrated with their phony Russia delusions and the unbridled hatred they direct at this great President on a daily basis, this country may never recover. Our Union is in serious danger from within.

It’s important that we send people to Washington who are TRULY supportive of this President, not just more rinos (Republican in name only), who think THEY know better than Trump…THEY DON’T. We have a whole Congress full of these self indulgent fools. NO, we need people who TRULY support President Trump and his agenda, not people who find it helpful at election time to get on the Trump bandwagon.

The one Congressional candidate who has been totally supportive of President Trump all along is MICHAEL SNYDER. He is the real deal and means to work hard to support our President and the Trump agenda and represent the western half of Idaho!

This President is on a course to actually make America great again. If people could just shake off the disinformation they’ve been deluged with by all the “fake news” since he came on the seen and look at what he’s actually accomplishing we might just save our country. And Michael Snyder has pledged to do his best to help him.

Michael Quinn


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