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Tim Ravndal for Broadwater County

The primary election will be held on June 5th 2018.

Tim Ravndal for Broadwater County

Tim Ravndal for Broadwater County

My name is Tim Ravndal. I am proud to say I have been married for 35 years, raising 3 awesome children here in Broadwater County.

The family foundation is under attack! I cannot remain silent in the face of this threat. I spent 20 years in the auto repair industry where I owned and operated my repair business in Townsend.

I closed my business to fight a battle with alcohol to which I won. From there, I went to work in the timber industry. I owned and operated my own logging business for over 20 years when cancer struck me in 2012 and I was forced to retire. Doctors advised me that my rare cancer did not have any known cures.

I recall feeling sorry for myself and ready to give up. That is when I saw a young child wheeled into the dialysis room with hoses hanging everywhere. That vision struck my soul! I got off that bed and took the battle head on and never looked back. I am happy to say I whooped that demon too!

I have been engaged in Broadwater County government for the past 25 years. I have been attending our Montana Legislative Sessions for the past 19 years as a non-paid citizen lobbyist.

It is essential that the voice of the average Montana citizen is heard. Standing for property rights and access to our natural resources has been my passion. As leader of Montana Multiple Use Association for multiple years, I have sat at the table fighting for our rights across Montana and the West.

As a representative of the people of Montana I will show that all elected officials work for the people and that public service is not a career.

Transparency in government is essential to accountability. The public trust has been violated and our Constitution has been compromised.

Physically engaging in the Montana legislature for the past 10 sessions has given me a full understanding of the process. My experience has shown that many legislators that go to Helena are bought and paid by corporate sponsors or are part of government lobbying government for more government. This type of political posturing has cost many citizens their rights.

Too many career employees retire from government jobs to take a seat at the table as an elected official. Almost always we see that person has a conflict of interest and ends up lobbying for a specific branch of government instead of representing the people.

Fighting for my life has been a great instruction manual for fighting for the future of America. I am seeking a seat at the table of the Montana Legislature because I cannot remain silent when I see wrong. Our government is playing politics with our rights given by God and I cannot let that continue.

Across America we see a severe loss of public trust in our government. Turning our backs on corruption has resulted in apathy. I worked hard to expose corruption in Broadwater County. It took 8 years, but we finally secured a conviction.

I found government employees and elected officials are given too much deference enabling them to avoid personal responsibility. Montana laws that are to hold elected and appointed officials accountable to the people have no enforcement provisions.

We see a couple thousand bills hit the legislature every session where most impact the people that live here one way or another. These same laws ultimately grow bigger government at a direct cost to the people. We must push to nullify unjust laws instead of adding more to the volumes already there. Join me to restore the public trust.

The public trust has been lost! I feel it is my duty to seek a seat at the table to represent the people as designed by our founding fathers of this nation.

I will stand up and be heard when I see wrong. I have a passion for honesty and integrity in government.

The primary election will be held on June 5th 2018.

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1 Comment on Tim Ravndal for Broadwater County

  1. “Transparency in government is essential to accountability.”

    That is the very true. When Bernanke won’t tell Congress what foreign banks they bailed out in the 2008-2009 crisis…when there are beaucoup Executive Agreements that circumnavigate Senate Treaties and will lead us into war no less than a Congressional Declaration of War…and much more…then the government is not accountable to the people.

    If our government can’t tell the people what it is doing…there is a high probability it should not be doing what it is keeping hidden.

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