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Proposed Scotchman Peak Wilderness Designation

Vote “AGAINST” the Proposed Scotchman's Peak Wilderness designation on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

scotchman Proposed

Regarding: Senator James E. Risch’s
Proposed Scotchman Peak Wilderness Designation

May 7, 2018
To my constituents,

Many have requested that I state my position on the Scotchman Peak Wilderness. For the record, I am opposed to the Proposed Wilderness Designation in the strongest possible terms.

First and foremost, if someone is experiencing a medical emergency and requires the use of a four-wheeled or tracked Search and Rescue vehicle, I have to seek permission from the Federal Government in order to carry out the type of rescue that I deem appropriate.

Next, according to U.S. Code of Federal Regulations 36 CFR 261.57, the Forester in charge of the Wilderness Area has the authority to prohibit you from possessing firearms. This means that an unelected bureaucrat can declare the Second Amendment null and void within Wilderness boundaries. I am not a fan of gun-free zones, and I will not assist Senator Risch in suspending our Second Amendment to the Constitution.

For the reasons stated above, I will be voting “AGAINST” the Proposed Scotchman’s Peak Wilderness designation on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018.


Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler


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4 Comments on Proposed Scotchman Peak Wilderness Designation

  1. the” MORE wilderness “advocates will never give up their agenda to lock it ALL up.
    they have had the money to pursue this for 45+ yrs.
    the Y2Y folks havent gone away either.if u let the rural landscape burn,those nasty humanoids will leave and the furry little wolves will scamper about with glee..although singed and starving.

  2. I thought the letter-signer was concise and clear, Jack. Maybe you should put the effort into teaching yourself more about the issues and the law. Look up the CFR-Code of Federal Regulations- that the Honorable Sheriff Wheeler cites:
    Also read the federal and Idaho constitutions. Then, brush up on the Idaho Code firearms provisions. The Idaho statutes have changed recently and the Sheriff was instrumental in improving and drafting those bills. Then take a look at; the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, and see what section 101 does to gun free school zones by exempting ID concealed carry permit holders from section 922(q) of the current title. Do you support that bill? Then I would like to hear why you think the “letter-signer” does not vote on such things…is he deprived of his right of suffrage because of his position as a public servant? Or are you saying he neglects to vote?

  3. Thank you Sheriff Wheeler. This is one of the reasons I will vote for you when you run for re-election. I have already voted AGAINST the Federal Wilderness designation and what you just stated makes me even more convinced that this attempt at Federal land grab must be voted down.

  4. That is a little hard to follow. The letter-signer, Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler, does not vote on such things. Though we certainly agree with the ideas in this letter, we’d like to learn more!

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