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What is NEEDED of a would-be State Senator?

Join me in voting for Danielle Ahrens on May 15

State Senator?

What is NEEDED of a would-be State Senator?

First and foremost a would-be state senator must have a heart for the people they would represent. Picketing places of worship and farmers markets with pictures of the aftermath of abortions “to end abortion in Idaho” demonstrates a lack of heart and concern for others. As a person with a pro-life perspective on the issue, I find the use of such tactics callous, unpalatable and counter productive to any kind of honest heartfelt discussion. Anybody who would use these tactics (Scott Herndon) is more concerned about their own perspective than how to help others. Anybody who would describe Mr. Herndon as a “strong leader” in spite his displayed poor judgement in using these tactics is either lacking an understanding of people, personal integrity or both.

North Idaho’s next state senator needs to a leader who has been chosen to represent North Idahoans before. Not a Boise endorsed legacy candidate or a self important Pharisee. Danielle Ahrens has been chosen by the Bonner County Farm Bureau to represent North Idahoans where she has served three(3) terms as the Government Affairs Chairman. She has represented North Idaho well and demonstrated her heart for North Idahoans already.

Lets give her more responsibility.

Aaron J. Curtright

Post Script. Glen Rohrer, you can remove me from your email list.


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