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Dan McDonald is a Genuine Conservative

Dan McDonald is the right choice for county commissioner.

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Dan McDonald is a Genuine Conservative

To Whom It May Concern,

I am for the reelection of Bonner County Commissioner Dan McDonald in the current primary and general election. I could go into a long and detailed letter about the taxpayer monies Dan has helped to save in the past couple of years, but I am simply going to refer you to the 4-20-18 letter penned by our distinguished Bonner County Clerk, Michael Rosedale, “Clerk Details Information on County’s Budget Numbers,” and the following passage: “The current board of county commissioners saw that the current financial trajectory was leading the county into a hard landing, and has responded aggressively to keep the county fiscally sound long-term.” That and knowing Dan personally for a good many years is enough to give me confidence that the current board is working on behalf of county taxpayers and should be reelected.

I have heard much criticism of Commissioners Dan McDonald (and Glen Bailey) with regard to the Newport “Smelter” controversy. I find it curious that those doing the criticizing do not seem to understand that the darn thing is jurisdictionally in another county in another state (WA) for gosh sakes! I look to our elected U.S. Representatives and Senators to intervene at some point down the road and bring pressure to bear on Idaho’s behalf if necessary. For a rough analogy, it’s like some seem to think that a Bonner County Commissioner can cross the state line and tell Pend Oreille County Commissioners and WA State officials how the “cow eats the cabbage;” the WA folks would simply tell the Bonner County Commissioners to smoke weed and flake off back to Idaho! But our U.S. Representatives and Senators have a great deal more leverage in my opinion.

I have known Dan McDonald for years; Dan and I belonged in the same conservative blogger’s group years ago and we used to have regular gatherings at local restaurants. Dan is a genuine conservative and very intelligent. In all things business related, like running a private business venture or a government office, he is very astute. He is committed to saving taxpayers as much hard earned dollars as is fiscally responsible.

Additionally, Dan is a strong supporter of the law enforcement community as well as a genuine supporter of the Second Amendment.

Dan McDonald is the right choice for county commissioner.

Vote Dan McDonald!

Ron Adamik


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