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Dan McDonald Deserves Re-Election

Please vote for Dan McDonald on May 15th.

Dan McDonald Deserves Re-Election

Dan McDonald Deserves Re-Election

Dan McDonald is a rarity: he’s an incumbent deserving of re-election. Why? Because he’s kept his campaign promises.

In less than a year, Dan has found over eight million dollars in cost savings in Bonner County’s budget. Via attrition, he’s reduced the number of department managers, resulting in efficiency and further savings for county taxpayers. He’s found innovative solutions to issues created by former commissioners.

He’s made sure our roads are maintained, and kept plowed during the winter months. He’s moved the county into self-insured status, also a significant cost savings. He respects our property rights and promotes smaller government. And he’s opposed to the Scotchman Peaks wilderness designation.

For all these reasons and more, Dan deserves a second term to continue serving Bonner County residents with honesty and integrity.

Please give him your vote on May 15th.

Debby Trinen
Nordman, ID


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