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Kootenai County Commissioner Primary

Please remember to vote in the upcoming primary, May 15th.

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Kootenai County Commissioner Primary

To be a star in the Democrat party, in any state, one need only declare that they are a “Progressive”. Or in other words, a Marxist! To be a star in the Republican party, in the great state of Idaho, one often declares that they are a “Constitutional Conservative”.

Many Idaho Republican candidates have done just that. But how many really are?

If you spend anytime visiting with Leslie Duncan or Marc Eberlein, as I have, you will learn very quickly that both of these candidates for Kootenai County Commissioner are indeed, “the real deal!”. Both are genuine Constitutional Conservatives who believe in small government, lower taxes, property rights, fiscal accountability and the 2nd Amendment.

Leslie Duncan is running in District 3 and Marc Eberlein is running in District 1.

Bill Brooks is running against Marc Eberlein for the District 1 primary. He “claims” to be a Constitutional Conservative, and for property rights and small government. Yet, he has stated that if elected, the first thing he will vote for is a return to MANDATORY building permits in Kootenai County. That doesn’t sound like the platform of a Constitutional Conservative who is for small government and property rights. No, that sounds like the platform of exactly what Mr. Brooks is, A RINO. He is a realtor who’s candidacy is heavily backed financially and socially by the Idaho Realtors PAC.

Why would these realtors throw so much money behind a RINO? Because the realtors object to your right to opt out on building permits. They see this freedom as a threat to their wallets! It’s a simple case of greed over freedom.

They already have one RINO friend on the Commission, MR. Fillios, the Commissioner in District 2. Coincidentally,he’s also a realtor!

Don’t let these special interest RINO’s get control of your property rights and freedoms.

Vote for Marc Eberlein and Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioners.

Norm Venturino
Buckshot Ranch


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  1. We need to reduce the benefits of ALL public officials. There are so many people on the ballots it’s ridiculous. They’re not running to benefit you and I. They want to “win the lottery” and get the big retirement packages/lifetime insurance etc. They are running to feather their nest. I would not be one to say let’s limit the number of candidates but please; We’re over whelmed with each election. Many haven’t lived in the city/state long enough to know the wants and needs of the citizenry. You know who I’m referring too.Choose wisely.

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