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We Need John Green in the Legislature

Please remember to vote in the upcoming primary, May 15th.

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We Need John Green in the Legislature

I was the one who encouraged John Green to run for my old seat in the Idaho Legislature. The Idaho Legislature is not like Congress where you have 99.999 percent lawyers. Frankly, the quality control in Boise is not very good, and we need more lawyers in the Legislature.

John wants to be effective, and he can be highly effective in Boise if the people of District 2 send John down there. But John also has a servant’s heart, and we need more of them too.

Over John’s career as a lawyer, John has donated, free of charges, thousands of hours of his legal time to people who have been arrested outside of abortion clinics; to the cause of sound money with cases that have been appealed all the way up to the United States Supreme Court; and to people who have been victims of weaponized taxation.

John is also a constitutionalist and an originalist when it comes to the principles of the founding fathers. We are living in turbulent times. With this turbulent time also comes opportunity, and we may get lucky and have the constitutionalists gain the upper hand. If that happens, we need John at the table helping us Restore the Republic and John is one who can lead in that direction.

Please vote for John Green if you are in District 3, and if you’re not, please donate to his campaign.

Phil Hart


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